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Interview with Hi-Lite

Featured in Domination #17 by Jazzcat

This time I am proud to present an interview with a German scener who has been around for over a decade.

He is currently a member of Padua where he is a coder and graphician but he has also been a member of famous groups like X-RAY, SUCCESS and HITMEN.

Thanks for your time Marc, could you please tell our readers about yourself?

Hello! My name is Marc, I'm 31 years old and I live in Kassel/Germany.
In the groups I've been part of I mainly did intro coding, GFX and swapping. Later on I also did some game training and packing (no more need for cracking as the games at that time weren't protected at all).

When did you first join the scene?

Well, it all started pretty late in 1990 when I got to know Arrogance/Success on the telephone. At that time SUCCESS was in co-op with X-RAY. My partner in crime, Raze, and me visited him and we became close scene-friends with Arro. But somehow, before we could join Success, the S+X co-op splitted up and Success died... So, Arro took us with him into X-RAY.

That's the way it started...

What have been your former groups? If possible can you tell us some kind of date when you joined them?

In June 1990 I joined X-RAY. Around July 1991 some friends convinced me to join PANDORA, but after some days I rejoined X-RAY for several reasons.

Then, in October 1991, SUCCESS was rebuilt and I joined forces with them from the very beginning, for a long time... In the summer of 1992, I renamed from Major-X to Hi-Lite. Dunno why, but somehow I was bored of my old handle.

Around January 1995 I left and joined HARDCORE. Somewhere in late 1995 early 1996 I joined HITMEN and finally left to join the PADUA family in the middle of 1998...

What have been your favourite moments during these groups you have been in during your time in the scene?

I did enjoy most of all the time in the scene, because to me it all was/is pure fun. That's why I did it... No >real< special moments I can recall, except for some parties maybe.

What computer equipment do you own?

Nothing fancy. Just a C64 incl. Action Replay MK5, 1 1541 and 1 1541-II. Besides I own an old fashioned PC, a 550 Mhz Athlon, 512mb SD, 100 GB Maxtor ATA133, Pioneer 106s, Lite-On 321240 cdrw, Elsa Erazor III+, Mustek 12000p and Epson sc760. But that'll change soon! c

Nowadays youíre in Padua; I think your last works for them would have been some graphics in their demo Embryo. Will you be in more of their productions again and do other jobs apart from painting?

Maybe you noticed I'm on the inactive list right now. That's because I rarely have time to spend on the good old 64. Real life simply takes too much time.
But from time to time I'm still doing some GFX as Raze and I still have some projects in mind, on which we're working. Hopefully we find some time to finish them. ? Moreover I still have some unreleased, nearly finished stuff in my box (who doesn't?) So maybe you will see something from me again in the near future, GFX and code wise...

What would you say as words of advice to the new generation of c64 sceners out there?

Hm, I don't think they need any advice from me. Just keep on producing as long as you enjoy it! Anything that keeps the c64 alive should be welcome!

Ever been involved in any big disagreements or wars in the scene?

Nope, not really. At the time I was in X-RAY, we had a little 'war' going on with TRIAD about their 'Gamers Guide' and several mistakes they made in the lists. Anyway, to me there's no sense in a so called 'scene-war'. I mean, some people get along and some simply don't. That's just the walk of life, but hey, starting a 'war'? Main reason for most of the wars was probably just gaining attention.

What do you think would be the differences between a demo and a cracking scener?

Hm, hard one. I don't think that there was any big difference between a demo and a cracking scener. They were both doing their job for the same reasons: fun and fame. Sure, nowadays there's nothing left to crack on c64, so, here you probably have the difference...

Ever called the boards? and which ones?

I was lucky to start calling out at a time, when blue boxing was still working fine. Boards I called were !Divine Ultimatum! Edge of Midnight, Dreampark (cool mods), The Dungeon, The Forum, Tunnel of Warez, Terminal Obsession, Holiday Inn Cambodia, The Shaolin Temple, Mystic Cavern, Forplay and some others. But my favourite was, no doubt, Divine Ultimatum! Not only because I've been co-sysop, but also because it had a special touch and a cool sysop (Hi Marcellus!).

Have you been to many scene parties? Which one do you remember the most?

Yeah, I've been to quite a few parties. If my brain doesn't play tricks on me I was at Silicon Ltd+Ruthless in Utrecht '91, Success+Dominators in Papenburg'91, Spherical Designs in Bocholt'91, G*P in ??'92, Camelot+Silents+Anarchy in Aars'92, X-Mas in Herning'93, X'98, X'2000 and some others I canít remember...

The ones that I remember the most are the Silicon Ltd+Ruthless party in Utrecht'91 (probably because it was my first scene party ever plus we had a crazy journey to Utrecht plus we had a cool time playing 'Quarters', a drinking game with Raze, Arrogance, Majesty, Zoolook, Goldrush, Crossbow and some others plus I was soooo fucking drunk that night!) and the X'2000 (lots of cool people plus meeting Tristan from the USA)

Your handle, does it hold a special meaning?

No, nothing special. It's just: Hi-Lite - hence the name, you know? ? And there wasn't any special meaning for my old handle Major-X either...

The favourites of Hi-Lite/Padua

Demo group: Crest, Censor Design, Black Mail

Demo: Dutch Breeze, Krestology

Cracker group: Ikari, Legend

Cracker: Antitrack, Doc, Burglar

Coder: Crossbow, Rap (Andreas)

Musician: Jeroen Tel, Steel (Mario Laugell), Markus Schneider

Graphician: Hein Design, Zoomo (Gordon), Die2 (coolest logos)

Disk magazine: Shock

With your painting, which tools do you prefer to use, of the graphic editors available?

As you know I'm not that active anymore. So I don't know if there are any new cool graphic tools being released lately beyond my knowledge... But one of my favourite tools (and I think a MUST for every graphician) is still AMICA-PAINT/BOMZ. It's powerful AND comfortable. Moreover I used Gunpaint, FLI Editor 2 AFL Editor 2 (both from Topaz and Mono Magic 1.3 when it comes to other graphic formats (for the same reasons as above). In my eyes a good editor should be a mixture of both, pushing the limited AND being easy to handle.

Ever painted graphics for games? I recall your name in Frogger 64 I think ?

No, not really. At least nothing that had been released. To be honest I kinda have big respect for guys doing game graphics. It's way different from painting logos or pics. Somehow I'm lacking of motivation for such a job...

What do you think is the difference between games made in the 80s and 90s and the new games on different platforms today?

The main difference is surely the progress in art and sound. Just compare for example Donkey Kong and Hawkeye. But on the other hand this progress in style also has its reasons in the better, exploring new ways, and programming. So it's a hand in hand walk...
And this ofcourse even multiplies on all the other platforms with the immense hardware progress.

Time to send your greetings...

Oh, I would like to send a big 'Hi!' to my friends or ex-contacts, like: Raze, Arrogance, B-Wyze, Lifestyle, Chrysagon, Ano, Chameleon, Rap, Steel, Zoomo, Burglar, Nightshade, Moren, Curlin, Jihad, Shocker, Walker, Jity, Spiderman, Alex, Fen1, Enjoy, Scorpie, Derbyshire Ram, Drake, Silco, GRG, Rug Rat, Razy, Tornado, Lyon, Duke, Crush, Adolf, CRT, Infocomie, Dense, Sodapop, RCS, Silent, Hewitt, Twist, PFK, Tricket, Manx, Gryzor, Mad Butcher, Majesty, IST, Tecon, Gabriel, Frank and all in PADUA! Sorry, if I forgot someone... Feel free to e-mail me! (

Well thatís all; I hope you enjoy this edition of Domination, any last words to leave a final impression on the audience?

Just thanks for your interest and keep up your good work!



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