Yet Another Gamecube Documentation

20  Credits

besides freely available datasheets and patents, this document was created based on information provided by the following people. if you think you are missing in this list, please keep me informed so i can add you immediately.
titanik/crazy nation  
  'Gamecube Low-level Info' in CZN 'Gamecube Source pack #1'
  initial "gcinfo.txt"
  some invaluable information (you know who you are)
  hardware introduction text (posted on some website...uhm :))
  additional info in sram checksum, video regs
  additional apploader info / apploader RE
  IPL RE, boot process details
  info on Gekko specific opcodes
  tons of other info (cheers mate)
  gcc config
  some file-format info
  memory card info
  some additional VI info
  released some sources that helped to close the one or other gap
  driving force behind GX reversing
  IPL encryption reversing/IPL replacement info
  GX reversing, additional sources/infos
Timothy Wilson
  compiled some valuable info concerning memory cards
Authors of GClib
  cross-checking against the Source helped to make sure no bad errors sneaked in
GC-Linux Team
  another valueable source for code that has been cross-checked against
Aaron Kaluszka
  some image format info
  TPL Fileformat details
Steven Looman
  keyboard scancodes, comments on adapters
  lots of additonal fileformat info, proofreading&spellchecking
Alexander Wold (micropal)
  additional rtc/ipl pinout info

moreover, many thanks must go to everyone who helped making this document more consistant and error free by proofreading and pointing out mistakes, in particular tmbinc, org, hubb, Aaron Kaluszka, Skywalker, Jihad, xor37h, costis, CrowTrobo, mist, ionic, Briii, Desktopman, Spike Grobstein, Steven Looman, Anders Montonen, Monk, Josiah "afnom" Burroughs, Scream - CT, thakis ... (please check the changelog for details)