last updated on 19/05/2018

Welcome Stranger! You have reached the hideout of the former cracking-, now Demo-, Hacking- and Reverse-engineering Group known as "Hitmen".

call for duty

If you have written certain console related development tools in the glorious Past, we strongly encourage you to dig up your old backups and publish your Sources so people can recompile and/or modify them for current Operating Systems. Please. Help us to support those who just recently discovered the Console Scene for themselves to explore the joy of programming something different. Get in touch with us incase you want to help to preserve your tools for future Console Hackers. Kcomm, Ezoray, Napalm, Blackbag et al - Yes that means YOU !

Incase you have a decent personal collection of scene releases, don't hesitate to check our wantlist, you might have the one missing Release that we couldn't find anywhere else!


  • Due to some unmaintainable struggles within the group, all remaining active members left Hitmen behind and formed a new group - The Solution [web] [csdb]

    This website will now be frozen in its current state.
  • Lux from Deltamachine joined the team, welcome!
  • Finally found some time to update this website again!
  • Welcome our new member: Topshelf
  • Due to some changes in the Group lately, we are looking for new members for all disciplines - Get in touch

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