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this is a list of stuff we are looking for to put it on this site to make it more complete. if you find anything of this stuff in your personal collection, please mail it to us.


C64 Cracks (16 missing, 8 broken)

12 O'Clock + - Alderan - Alderan + (existing copy is broken; loaderror in mainfile) - Amnesia +3 (Hitmen, not coop version) - Brain Artifice +2 (there exist two versions, wanted is the one with 48 blocks mainfile and greetings in the directory - in the existing version the game intro has graphic bugs) - Centric (ntsc fixed version, not the pal only release by curlin) - Crazy news prv. 2 (NOT the protovision game) - Crush Preview (Hitmen+Excess Version) - Cygnus +2 - Cylogic (Curlins version - existing copy is broken; the levels are messed up and game crashes in first level) - Cylogic (Probes version - existing copy is broken; the levels are messed up and game crashes in first level) - Deep Void (Moonchilds version) - Eskimo Games - F1 Tornado + (existing copy is broken; main file is corrupt) - Five A Side (Curlins Version) - G-Loc R360 +5M (existing copy is broken, main file crashes after intro) - Grand Prix - Its Magic (Moonchilds version) - Jumble Preview 2 (existing copy is broken; crashes when selecting the game intro) - L.A. Police Department +6 - Moontorc +2 - Roll Over (Hitmen+Onslaught version, existing copy is broken) - Sleepwalker + (existing copy is broken; main file is corrupt) - Xiom (Moonchilds version) -

C64 Demos (3 missing, 2 broken)

1 Year Hitmen [Demo] (not released, may exist on some workdisk) - Graffix Show 2 (alternative version) [Graphics Collection] (in existing version the loader crashes for some reason) - Graffix Show 3 [Graphics Collection] - Logoshow #1 [Graphics Collection] (existing copy is broken; introfile is messed up, file "2-baboons logo-2" is broken) - Musicbox #2 [Music Collection] -

C64 Mags (2 missing)

Vinews Issue #2 (Vision) - Vinews Issue #1 (Hitmen)

Misc (1)

"PC Computing Japan" June issue, 1999 (features party report from mekka symposium 99, and probably a nice photo of Groepaz and Cupid)

anything that is missing here or here or here or anywhere else on the site :)

Deltaforce Team (DFT)

anything (Curlin and Groepaz released Cracks/Demos/Tools for this Group)

International Cracking Entertainment (ICE)

C64 Cracks (2)

Menace - Salamander -

C64 Tools (2)

Intro Editor 1 - Intro Editor 2 -

anything else (besides the above mentioned Stuff there should exist several SID Tunes by Groepaz and Starfox, about a dozen Cracks, and some Demos)
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