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So here are all our legal C64 releases that we could get a hold of, if you think that you got something that we are missing, please drop us a mail. Incase you have a decent personal collection of scene releases, don't hesitate to check our wantlist.


Music Collection v1.0 [Demo]
Music Collection v1.0

released (??/??)

Download Music Collection v1.0 [csdb]
State of Mind [Demo]
State of Mind

released (??/??)

Download State of Mind [csdb]
Explain OMG [Demo]
Explain OMG

released (??/??)

Download Explain OMG [csdb]
Roy Du Asi [Demo]
Roy Du Asi

released (??/??)

Download Roy Du Asi [csdb]
Music Collector 001 [Music Collection]
Music Collector 001

released (??/??)

Download Music Collector 001 [csdb]
The 7th Son [Graphics]
The 7th Son

released (??/??)

Download The 7th Son [csdb]
Mind - The Perpetual Intercourse [Demo]
Mind - The Perpetual Intercourse

released (??/??)

Download Mind - The Perpetual Intercourse [csdb]
FLI Sprites [Demo]
FLI Sprites

released (??/??)

Download FLI Sprites [csdb]
Forbidden Bytes [Demo]
Forbidden Bytes

released (12/90)

a little Demo by TWF and APB

Download Forbidden Bytes [csdb]
Order GFX [Contact Note]
Order GFX

released (??/9?)

a contact Note for/by Thunder

Download Order GFX [csdb]
Rudi Rammler [Demo]
Rudi Rammler

released (??/9?)

a Fun Production released with the Bastards :)

Download Rudi Rammler [csdb]
Creatures Music [Music Collection]
Creatures Music

released (??/91)

Download Creatures Music [csdb]
Back in Bizz [Demo]
Back in Bizz

released (??/91)

Code: Curlin

Download Back in Bizz [csdb]
Scrolly Bytes [Demo]
Scrolly Bytes

released on (01/01/91)

featuring the longest Scrolltext until Releasedate, made by TWF

Download Scrolly Bytes [csdb]
Music Box #1 [Music Collection]
Music Box 1

released on (26/01/91)

Code: Cruise

Download Music Box #1 [csdb]
Musicbox #2 [Music Collection]

released on (??/??/91)

Code: Cruise

missing (search) [csdb]

Musicbox #3 [Music Collection]
Musicbox #3

released on (16/03/91)

Code: Cruise

Download Musicbox #3 [csdb]
Just for Fun [Music Collection]
Just for Fun

released on (16/04/91)

Code: Cruise

another Record - 38 Musics in one Demopart

Download Just for Fun [csdb]
Amnesia 3 [Demo]
Amnesia 3

second place on Spherical Designs Party (09/06/91)

a little lifesign made by Typhon

note: the previous two Demos, Amnesia ( csdb ) and Amnesia 2 ( csdb ) were most likely done by TWF and others and released under the ASPHUXIA ( csdb, c64.ch ) Label

Download Amnesia 3 [csdb]
The Funeral [Demo]
The Funeral

released (06/91)

this is the last Hitmen release announcing the Split in June 1991.

Download The Funeral [csdb]
Hitmen split up, Members went into Triad, Rebels, Joy Division ... and then some Months later gathered together again to rebuild Hitmen.
GFX Excess [Graphics]
GFX Excess

released (??/92)

a kickass pic by Thunder and a nice scrolltext by Curlin =)

Download GFX Excess [csdb]
Club Light Demo [Demo]
Club Light Demo

released (??/92)

promotional Demo for a local Club, presented by Hibisch

Download Club Light Demo [csdb]
a bit of... [Music]
a bit of...

released (??/92)

a Techno Sample Mix by Hibisch

Download a bit of... [csdb]
Bed of Nails [Music]
Bed of Nails

released (??/92)

another Sample by Hibisch

Download Bed of Nails [csdb]
Crockett's Theme [Music]
Crockett's Theme

released (??/92)

another Sample by Hibisch

Download Crockett's Theme [csdb]
Thunder Picture Show [Graphics Collection]
Thunder Picture Show

released (??/92)

some nice gfx by Thunder

Download Thunder Picture Show [csdb]
February Rankings [Note]
February Rankings

released (02/92)

Download February Rankings [csdb]
Gfx-Show 2 [Graphics Collection]

released (??/??)

some little code by Racoon and some nice gfx by Thunder and Death

Download Gfx-Show 2 [csdb]

Download Gfx-Show 2 (alternative version) [csdb] (Broken copy, load parts seperately)

Gfx-Show 3 [Graphics Collection]

released (??/??)

missing (search) [csdb]

Deaths Logo-Show [Graphics Collection]
Deaths Logo-Show

released (04/92)

another GFX show with logos by Death

Download Deaths Logo-Show [csdb]

Logo-Show 1 [Graphics Collection]

released (25/04/92) at the Genesis Projects Party

another GFX show with logos by Death

Download Logo-Show 1 (broken copy :() [csdb]

Disco #1 [Music Collection]

released (25/04/92)

Code by Edelence
Music by Guy Shavitt
Graphics by Death

Download Disco #1 [csdb]

Disco #2 [Music Collection]

released (??/92)

Code by Edelence
Music by Moon/Flash and Brian/Graffity
Graphics by Death

Download Disco #2 [csdb]

Disco #3 [Music Collection]

released (??/92)

Code by Edelence
Music by Zyron/Antic, Brian/Graffity, Iron Cat/TRC, Jeroen Tel, MSK/Crest
Graphics by Death

Download Disco #3 [csdb]

Disco #4 [Music Collection]

released (??/92)

Code by Edelence
Music by Drax
Graphics by Death

Download Disco #4 [csdb]

RSI-Intro [Crack Intro]

released (??/92)

Code: Racoon
Graphics: HPH/Vision

Download RSI-Intro [csdb]

Logo-Show 2 [Graphics Collection]

released (31/10/92)

another GFX show with logos by Death

Download Logo-Show 2 [csdb]
Disco #5 [Music Collection]

released (??/92)

Code by Edelence
Music by Danko, The Syndrom, Coolrock
Graphics by Death

Download Disco #5 [csdb]

Intro Collection [Demo]
Intro Collection

released (??/92)

Linked by Hibisch

Download Intro Collection [csdb]

Last Release [Graphics Collection]
Last Release

released (??/92)

Graphics by Death

Download Last Release [csdb]

in the meantime Hitmen dissolved and was rebuild a few years after ...
Giger's St [Graphics]
Gigers St

released (??/??)

another kickass Picture by Thunder

Download Giger's St [csdb]
The Journey to $0801 [Demo]
The Journey to 0801

released (28/10/95)

a crazy C/G Demo made in cooperation with members from F4CG and Judas

Download The Journey to $0801 [csdb]
Hitmen to Ons-laugh-t [Note]

released (01/96)

Curlins comments on the "Centric Affair"

Download Hitmen to Ons-laugh-t [csdb]

Funeral [Demo]

released (01/96)

Curlins Goodbye to the c64 scene

Download funeral [csdb]

Cucumber Juice Disc
Tales Of Esgaroth

Tales Of Esgaroth [Graphics Collection] [csdb]

BBS Graphics Collection by Tyron (03/96)

To experience the magic of tricky character graphics you HAVE to check this!
Cucumber Juice

Cucumber Juice [Demo] [csdb]

2nd place on X'96 (04/96)

Curlin's, Peacemaker's and Groepaz's surprising return to the demo-world


Leguan [Graphics]

2nd place on Acrise+Excess Party (07/02/96) [csdb]

3rd place on X'96 (04/96) [csdb]

Download Cucumber Juice Disc containing Cucumber Juice, Tales of Esgaroth and two nice Pictures done by HiLite (Leguan [csdb] and Frogger [csdb]).

Tales Of Esgaroth II [Graphics Collection]
Tales Of Esgaroth 2

Tales Of Esgaroth II

BBS Graphics Collection by Tyron (05/96)

more of Tyron's unbelievable lowres artwork...

Download Tales Of Esgaroth II [csdb]
Peacey [Demo]

released (11/96)

2 Blocks Intro by Peacemaker

4th place in the 2blocks Compo Nov'96 held by GHD/Impulse

Download Peacey [csdb]
Geoffrey! [Graphics]

released (?/9?)

Download Geoffrey [csdb]
No Party [Note]
No Party

released (?/9?)

Download No Party [csdb]
Cucumber Juice 2 [Demo]
Cucumber Juice 2

Cucumber Juice 2

6th place on The Party 6 (12/96)

Probably the longest running demo ever, (25min) MANY different parts made by Peacemaker, Groepaz and Jinx ...featuring 3 hidden parts!

Download Cucumber Juice 2 [csdb]

Floodland [Contact Note]

released on The Party 6 (12/96)

Download Floodland [csdb]

Icarus [Graphics Collection]

GFX Collection by Cupid (02/97)

Cupid's 2nd gfx collection... find the hidden part!

Download Icarus [csdb]

Mekka/Symposium & X'97 Takeover compilation
Elven Magic

Elven Magic [Demo] [csdb]

2nd place 4k intro Mekka/Symposium '97 (03/97)
Tales Of Esgaroth 3

Tales Of Esgaroth III [Graphics Collection] [csdb]

BBS Graphics Collection released at X'97 Takeover (04/97)

Eierfeile [Demo] [csdb]

X97-Party-scroller (04/97)

also included is Tyronpaint v2.0 [csdb] , the amazing c/g editor made from Lynchbit for Tyron and hitnoter v1.2 (AR fix) [csdb]

Download Mekka/Symposium & X'97 Takeover compilation

Blasphemy II [Music Collection]
Blasphemy II

SID-Tune Collection compiled by Erol (??/97)

A huge amount of cool tunes collected by Erol.

Download Blasphemy II [csdb]
Willow Intro [Crack Intro]
Willow Intro

released (05/06/97)

Code: Erol
Music: PRI/Oxyron
Graphics: Bleze/Willow
Charset: Erol

Download Willow Intro [csdb]
Psychic Intro [Crack Intro]
Psychic Intro

released (??/97)

Code: Erol
Music: Lyon
Graphics: Bugjam/Psychic
Charset: Erol

Download Psychic Intro [csdb]
Jurrasick Pack [Intro Collection]
Jurrasick Pack

Intro Collection by Erol (07/97)

Download Jurrasick Pack [csdb]
Eierfeile II [Demo]
Eierfeile II

Party-scroller released at TP7 (12/97)

This Intro coded by Groepaz and Curlin was released to have a reason for writing some scrolltext at the party :)

Download Eierfeile 2 [csdb]
4 Kiloz [Intro Collection]

4K-Intro Collection by Erol (??/97)

All of Erol's 4K-Intros linked into one file

Download 4 Kiloz [csdb]

AFL-Intro [Crack Intro]

released (??/9?)

Code: Erol
Music: Avalon
Graphics: Erol

Download AFL-Intro [csdb]

Jurassic Pack 2 [Intro Collection]
Jurassic Pack 2

released (??/9?)

Code by Erol

Download Jurassic Pack 2 [csdb]

Abuse [Demo]

Dentro that was supposed to be released at TP7 (02/98)

This mystic dentro was created by Erol and Cupid

Download Abuse [csdb]
Blasphemy III [Music Collection]
Blasphemy III

SID-Tune Collection compiled by Erol (02/98)

again Erol grabbed a whole bunch of cool Tunes...

Download Blasphemy III [csdb]
Welcome to Telekom [Graphics]
Welcome to Telekom

4th Place at Mekka/Symposium'98 (04/98)

Download Welcome to Telekom [csdb]

ReAnim8ed [Demo]

2nd Place at Mekka/Symposium'98 (04/98)

After over a year Groepaz and Peacemaker strike back with this TrackMo

Download ReAnim8ed [csdb] (youtube)

Download a single animation [csdb] (the spider from the picture) that was fixed to work on NTSC.
Conflict [Graphics]

Place 12 at Mekka & Symposium 1999 (04/1999)

Download Conflict [csdb]

Mmm, TP Sucks [Demo]

Place 8 at Mekka & Symposium 1999 (04/1999)

Download Mmm, TP Sucks [csdb]

Ode to BV [Graphics]
Ode to BV

Place 4 at The Party 1999 (29/12/1999)

Download Ode to BV [csdb]

Komm, spiel mit mir [Graphics]
Komm, spiel mit mir

Place 13 at Mekka & Symposium 2000 (04/2000)

Download Komm, spiel mit mir [csdb]

Roboter4k [Demo]

released at The Party 10 (12/2000)

Yet again... it seems we aren't as dead as you wanted.
Cupid and Groepaz bring you this nifty Xmas present and an added historical bonus you can't afford to miss. Includes the "Alishas XMAS" Picture. [csdb]

Download Xmas-Disc [csdb]
Sensory Overload [Graphics]
Sensory Overload

4th Place Mekka & Symposium 2001 (04/2001)

Download Sensory Overload [csdb]

MongoBong [Demo]

8th Place at X2001 (11/2001)

A small sign of life by Groepaz and Cupid. Comes with some nice educational Material on the Disc.

Download MongoBong [csdb]

Armitage Shanks [Graphics]
Armitage Shanks

12th Place at Mekka & Symposium 2002 (03/2002)

Download Armitage Shanks [csdb]
Giger Again [Graphics]
Giger Again

3rd Place at Willow Party 2002 (09/2002)

Yay! Another Party Production.
This one was released to demonstrate GPZs Converter a bit. no more no less.

Download Giger Again [csdb]
Happy Lucky Tip [Graphics]
Happy Lucky Tip

Released at Breakpoint 2004 (04/2004)

Made in an hour. Doh. Disqualified for missing Workstages. Err.

Download Happy Lucky Tip [csdb]
Nothing lasts Forever [Music]
Nothing lasts Forever

Released at Breakpoint 2007 (08/04/2007)

Download Nothing lasts Forever [csdb]
Tumdidum [Demo]

Released at TUM 2008 (30/12/2008)

Download Tumdidum [csdb]
Happy Lucky Tip (Part II) [Graphics]
Happy Lucky Tip (Part II)

Released at Rambo Revisited Graphics Compo (24/08/2011)

Download Happy Lucky Tip (Part II) [csdb]
Substral Hyperwaves I [Music]
Substral Hyperwaves I

Released at Birdy 22 (19/05/2012)

Download Substral Hyperwaves I [csdb]
Artphosis [Demo]

Released at X2012 (28/10/2012)

Download Artphosis [csdb]
Mercyful Colors [Graphics]
Mercyful Colors

Released on 19/02/2013

Download Mercyful Colors [csdb]
Crowd Pleaser [Demo]
Crowd Pleaser

Released at Revision 2013 (01/04/2013)

Download Crowd Pleaser [csdb]
Lonely Howl [Graphics]
Lonely Howl

Released on 11/08/2013

Download Lonely Howl [csdb]
Hitmen (Graffiti) Logo [Graphics]
Hitmen (Graffiti) Logo

Released on 31/01/2014

Download Hitmen (Graffiti) Logo [csdb]
25th Interstellar [Graphics]
25th Interstellar

Released on 03/08/2014

Download 25th Interstellar [csdb]
Gna [Music]

Released on 27/09/2014

Download Gna [csdb]
Game Over [Music]
Game Over

Released on 30/09/2014

Download Game Over [csdb]
Journey to Pandora [Graphics]
Journey to Pandora

Released on 18/10/2014

Download Journey to Pandora [csdb]
Round 3x3 [Charset]
Round 3x3

a Charset drawn by Cupid

Released on 23/11/2014

Download Round 3x3 [csdb]
Tiny Chromey [Charset]
Tiny Chromey

a Charset drawn by Cupid

Released on 24/11/2014

Download Tiny Chromey [csdb]
2x2 Hires [Charset]
2x2 Hires

a Charset drawn by Cupid

Released on 25/11/2014

Download 2x2 Hires [csdb]
1x2 Font [Charset]
1x2 Font

a Charset drawn by Cupid

Released on 26/11/2014

Download 1x2 Font [csdb]
Tilt [Charset]

a Charset drawn by Cupid

Released on 1/12/2014

Download Tilt [csdb]
Psycho Poetry [Charset]
Psycho Poetry

a Charset drawn by Cupid

Released on 2/12/2014

Download Psycho Poetry [csdb]

Tilt v2 [Charset]
Tilt v2

a Charset drawn by Cupid

Released on 7/12/2014

Download Tilt v2 [csdb]
Round 3x3 v2 [Charset]
Round 3x3 v2

a Charset drawn by Cupid

Released on 8/12/2014

Download Round 3x3 v2 [csdb]
Pseudo Techno [Charset]
Pseudo Techno

a Charset drawn by Cupid

Released on 8/12/2014

Download Pseudo Techno [csdb]
Psycho Poetry v2 [Charset]
Psycho Poetry v2

a Charset drawn by Cupid

Released on 10/12/2014

Download Psycho Poetry v2 [csdb]

Macaroons [Charset]

a Charset drawn by Cupid

Released on 11/12/2014

Download Macaroons [csdb]

MCaahny [Demo]

Released on 27/12/2014

Download MCaahny [csdb]
Stardancer [Demo]

Released on 05/06/2015

Download Stardancer [csdb]
Stardancer II [Demo]
Stardancer II

Released on 27/07/2015

Download Stardancer II [csdb]
Evokefeile [Demo]

Released at Evoke 2015 (01/08/2015)

Download Evokefeile [csdb]
Galza-23: Propaganda (C64 Edition) [Graphics Collection]

Released on 25/11/2015

Download Galza-23 [csdb]
Tanz in den Mai [Demo]
Tanz in den Mai

Released at 'Tanz in den Mai' BBQ 2016 (01/05/2016)

Download Tanz in den Mai [csdb]
1988 [Demo]

Released on 01/05/2016

Download 1988 [csdb]
Beyond Tellerrand [Demo]
Beyond Tellerrand

Released on 10/05/2016

Download Beyond Tellerrand [csdb]
Galza-24 (C64 Edition) [Graphics Collection]

Released on 14/07/2016

Download Galza-24 [csdb]
EvokSCII [Demo]

Released on 13/08/2016

Download EvokSCII [csdb]
Galza-25 (C64 Edition) [Graphics Collection]

Released on 16/09/2016

Download Galza-25 [csdb]
Monumentum [Demo]

Released at X2016 (30/10/2016)

Download Monumentum [csdb]
HMFLI [Graphics]

Released at X2016 (30/10/2016)

Download HMFLI [csdb]
New Blood [Intro]
New Blood

Made for the csdb Intro Compo 2016 (24/12/2016)

Download New Blood [csdb]
Castle Intro [Intro]
Castle Intro

Lux' debut for Hitmen

Download Castle Intro [csdb]


DateRelease NameCoderComment
??/94 Pic Recolourator [csdb] (Crack)
??/?? Datex v2.0 [csdb] (Crack)
??/?? Leveltimer v3.9 [csdb]
??/?? Videoheader v1.1pro [csdb] (Crack)

??/8? BlueBox System [csdb] A very simple -yet one of, if not _the_ first- Bluebox for the C64
??/9? Onepage Noter v1.1 [csdb] Slayer
??/9? Onepage Noter v2.0 [csdb] Slayer, Lynx

??/92 Beastie Copy V1.2 Parallel Drives [csdb]
??/9? Tollfree Scan [csdb] Groepaz
??/9? Online Info [csdb] Groepaz
??/9? Discrepair [csdb] Groepaz
??/9? Deluxe Textwriter [csdb] improved by Cupid

??/95 Hack It v1.8 [csdb] Groepaz

17/5/96 Hitnoter v1.1 [csdb] Groepaz
??/96 Hitnoter v1.2 [csdb] Groepaz

??/97 SEQ Viewer [csdb] Groepaz
05/97 LoveTools [csdb] various This time Cupid gives you a collection of his favourite tools.
??/97 VIP v3.2 [csdb] This is a nice one-pass rle-packer for use with Action Replay (original v3.0 by Kulfon/Medium), released by Moonchild.
??/97 exploding Hitmen Cruncher [csdb] Tom Caljuow, Erol an improved version of the original cruncher by Tom Caljuow/STI designs, released by Erol
??/97 Tyronpaint v2 [csdb]

??/98 Erols File Decreasing System (EFDS) [csdb] Erol
??/98 Erols reverse Level Packer (ERLP) [csdb] Erol
??/98 Eddison v2 [csdb] this is a commercial Hires Editor improved by Erol
??/98 Dirmaster v8.0 [csdb] yet another improved tool released by Erol, based on the 42-Tracks version by Mr Wegi/Fatum
??/98 Dirmaster v8.4 [csdb]
??/98 Big Blue Reader C64 V4.10 [csdb] (Crack)
05/98 Send2C64 (DOS) [csdb] Groepaz commandline tool to transfer programs into the C64 memory using the PC64 cable
10/98 Tracker Preview 0e [csdb] Groepaz an early preview of groepaz's sid-tracker, released at X98 including a compo tune
11/98 Tracker Preview 0f [csdb] Groepaz an early preview of groepaz's sid-tracker

??/99 VIP v3.2 v2 [csdb] Re-release spread by Racoon (original v3.0 by Kulfon/Medium, v3.2 by Moonchild)
??/04/1999 8Bit Nit Wit [csdb] Cupid Sprite Editor in DHTML (requires Netscape4)

03/01/2000 Logo-O-Matic Cupid Online Logo Creator

??/?? HitTools various some former internal Tools, includes Jinx' Bluebox [csdb]
20/12/2001 SID 303 v0.2b [csdb] (Crack)

10/11/2006 D64Scan v0.1 Win32 X86 Linux [csdb] Groepaz Tool to Scan D64 Files for Errors
24/11/2006 D64Scan v0.2 Win32 X86 Linux [csdb] Groepaz Tool to Scan D64 Files for Errors
01/06/2008 D64Scan v0.3 Win32 X86 Linux [csdb] Groepaz Tool to Scan D64 Files for Errors
12/02/2012 REU WAV Player v1 (PoC) [csdb] Groepaz Plays .wav files on a C64 with REU, includes sourcecode.
13/10/2012 D64 Shredder v0.1 Win32, Source [csdb] Groepaz Tool to mess up D64 Files for debugging purposes :)
23/10/2013 VIC timer Win32, Source [csdb] Groepaz Tool for evaluating VIC timing
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