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4 Player Adapter

(1990) Starbyte Adapter - 2 additional Joysticks at the Userport, just Plugs and Wires
(1992) Kingsoft Adapter - 2 additional Joysticks at the Userport
(1997) Ninjas SNES Pad Adapter - 8 SNES Pads at the Joyports, just Plugs and Wires
(1997) Classical Games Adapter - 2 additional Joysticks at the Userport, needs a TTL IC
(1998) Space Balls Adapter - 8 Joysticks at the User- and one joystickport, just Plugs and Wires
(1998) MULTIJOY8 - 8 Joysticks at the joystick port. Originally for Atari 8 bit computers. Note that Mashed Turtles 64 uses an additional userport interface board, apparently because the author misunderstood how the joystick ports work.
(1999) DXS/HIT Adapter - 2 additional Joysticks at the Userport, just Plugs and Wires
(19??) Oliver Stillers Adapter - 8 Joysticks at the Expansion Port (supposed to be used in an 8 player "lightcycle" game, eventually released under the MDG label and/or published in the 64er mag, further info missing, please help!)
(2013) UNREAL Adapter - 8 Joysticks or PS/2 Mice at one joystick port

available games

Name released by supported adapters
Alone in the Green Edikles (original) CGA
Amazing Maze (3Players) Triad (original) CGA
Bombmania (search) Classical Games (original) CGA D/H Patch NIN Patch
Bug Bomber Kingsoft (original) KSA
Garrison (3Players) Nostalgia CGA D/H
Hockey Mania (Demo) (search) Protovision (original) CGA
IK+ Gold (3Players) The Dreams CGA D/H
Marble Madness Nostalgia CGA
Mashed Turtles 64 Angelsoft (Original) MJ8
M.U.L.E. Peiselulli CGA
Phong! Triad (original) CGA
Quadris (search) Protovision (original) CGA
Quadtron Protovision (original) CGA
Rampage Gold (3Players) The Dreams CGA D/H
Snacks 4 Snakes Protovision (original) CGA
Space Balls Luigi Pantarotto (original) SBA
Space Lords p1x3l.net (original) CGA
Square Attack Prof. Pi^2 (original) CGA
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road (3Players) Nostalgia CGA D/H
Tanks 3000 (Preview) (search) Protovision (original) CGA
Team Patrol (PD Demo) (search) Protovision (original) CGA
Tie Break Starbyte (original) STB
Tour de France 2005 Hack and Trade (original) CGA

(hopefully) coming soon

Name produced by supported adapters
BMX Simulator 2 Gold Groepaz/Hitmen CGA D/H NIN
Detonators 2 Digital Excess (original) CGA D/H
Grubz (Preview) Singular Crew (original) CGA
PacIt (Preview) Protovision (original) CGA

CGA: Classical Games adapter
D/H: Digital Excess+Hitmen adapter
NIN: Ninjas SNES-Controller Adapter
STB: Starbyte adapter
KSA: Kingsoft adapter
SBA: Space Balls adapter
MJ8: Multijoy8

... and someone might also want lo look at patching Cheeky Twins II, Fong, Combat Zone Bouncy Balls ...

SNES Pad Tooldisc - includes Ninjas original article and examples, patched AmicaPaint, Turrican2Demo, CS-Mixer (overlay sprite editor) ...
DXS/HIT Adapter Tooldisc - includes the original Schematic release with Joysticktester, example code, Bombmania patch

released Packages

29/11/1999 v1.0 initial release
12/02/2000 v1.1 slightly updated docs, added info on the Classical Games Adapter, added Bombmania Patch, added Gameslist
08/12/2000 v1.2 updated Gameslist, completed info on the Classical Games Adapter (Protovision released the schematics)
10/06/2001 v1.3 updated Gameslist, minor bug in the sample code fixed, sample code cleaned up


Protovision - If you can't solder, you can buy the Classical Games Adapter here for around 15 euro.

last words

i think i didn't miss a game, but if you find any let me know. Also if you find yourself patching one of the other games (or even one completely different ;=) it would be nice if you could send me the patch =)

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