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if you spot a dead link or know an interesting site which is missing, please let us know :)

www.c64.skmajor scene news site
www.c64.ch c64 demo archive site
www.c64hq.com games, demos and more
intros.c64.org Zyrons C64 Intro Site
C64 Mags Jazzcats mag site
www.c64-mags.de german C64 Mags
Hall of Fame lots of information on the C64 scene
noname.c64.org/csdb the c64 scene database
Exotica WIKI contains the new "Scenery".
www.pokefinder.org RCC Party
ftp.pokefinder.org Commodore FTP Search Engine
www.cc65.org A professional 6502 crossassembler/compiler/linker toolchain. Recommended.
AAY All about your... C64, 1541, 1581 - some nice compact Docs here
Commodore 64 Preservation Project Project with the aim to preserve original (uncracked) Discs
tapes.c64.no SLCs Tape Preservation Project
The Turbo Assembler Homepage Archive of all various Versions of THE native Assembler for the C-64
girls.c64.org Explore the sexy Side of the C-64
The C64 tool list Extensive list of C-64 related tools on the Fairlight Homepage
RR Forum unofficial RR Developer Forum
#C-64 Quotes Cupids Exhibition of Weirdos
Po83 online version of Cupids (yet?) unreleased Logo Collection
Sinnlose Schmerzen Tribute to Doc Bacardi
codebase64 C64 Source Repository
C64 Magazines C64 Diskmags WIKI
Chaos Engine some interisting Tape related Stuff
the Place to be A disassembly of Moondust
DIE micrographs and new DIE micrographs Microphotographs of various integrated circuits found in Commodores 8-Bit line of homecomputers
OpenCBM WIKI Spiros OpenCBM Knowledge Base WIKI (readonly copy)
VICE iANCooGs VICE patches
1541 Ultimate fully compatible 1541 replacement in a FPGA
Magic Disk 64 all content of the famous german disk magazine
Link Station lots of links to C64 related sites
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