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The Condom Magazine was a strange mix of shitchat, Punk, Hardcore and Heavy Metal. Released by a loose Posse of a few People from different Groups, more or less lead by Rough.

Incase you have a decent personal collection of scene releases, don't hesitate to check our wantlist.

Date Release Group(s) Comments
04/11/90 Issue #1 [csdb] Toneware released on the T.A.T Party in Innsbruck/Austria, Editors: GNU, Bad Cat, Rough
??/??/9? Issue #2 [csdb] Vision & Duel Editors: Bad Cat, Rough, Away
05/01/91 Issue #3 [csdb] Hitmen & Duel & Tristar Editors: Rough, Spermbird, Bad Cat
10/02/91 Issue #4 [csdb] Hitmen & Duel Editors: Rough, Bad Cat, Jake
??/??/91 Issue #5 [csdb] Hitmen & Pulsar Editors: Rough
??/??/91 Issue #6 [csdb] Chromance & Pulsar & Depredators Editors: Jake
??/07/91 Issue #7 [csdb] Chromance & Pulsar & Depredators Editors: Rough, Skanarchist, Imbecil, Zwerg
15/12/91 Issue #8 [csdb] Chromance & Pulsar & Faces Released at the Success & Dominators party. Editors: Rough, Subway, The Demented, Myxin
??/04/92 Issue #9 [csdb] Pulsar
03/04/97 Issue #10 [csdb] Chromance Editors: Rough

To read CONDOM online, look at the C64 Mags WIKI.

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