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if you spot a dead link or know an interesting site which is missing, please let us know :)


http://www.liksang.com LikSang - Your favourite Hongkong Importer. (killed by SONY. eternal hate!)

official sites

www.gamepark.com korean http://www.gamepark.com/english/main.aspenglish - another official site
www.gamepark.co.kr korean http://www.gamepark.co.kr/english/main.aspenglish - alternative url for the same pages
www.gp32.com http://www.gamepark.co.kr (archive.org) korean http://www.gp32.com/english/main.aspenglish - another alternative url
www.gameparkdev.co.kr http://www.gameparkdev.co.kr/korean http://www.gameparkdev.co.kr/english/ama/main.htmlenglish - official developers site
Epitools - JEENI JTAG developer tool
ftp.gamepark.com - promotion stuff


www.gp32emu.com - english news-page.
www.gpzigi.com - message board.
gpzigi use the fish - alternative url for the above.
gp32dev.tk or empee.daug.net - mp's gp32 project page
http://www.gpcorea.com/GPCorea use the fish - Messageboard
Greeeg use the fish - Newspage
Gp32 at Generation FX french english - Newspage
Forum use the fish - Forum related to the above site


http://samsungelectronics.com/semiconductors/System_LSI/32_bit_ARM_based_RISC_MPU/PDA/S3C2400X/s3c2400x.htmSamsung - S3C2400X reference material
ARM - CPU core info
datarescue.com - FAT12 and SMC Info
SSFDC Forum - SMC Info
XILINX - JTAG/Parallel Cable


http://www.io.com/~fenix/devkitadv/download.htmldevkit advance - gcc 3.0.2
http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~tb100/download.htmldevkit advance (linux) - gcc 3.0.4
Mr.Spiv - fxe decoder, arm920t disassembler, gcc 3.0.4 for MAC


IRC, efnet #gp32dev
http://empee.daug.net/gp32dev.logempee.daug.net - mp's #gp32dev log page
gp32dev - Development mailinglist
gp32 at devrs.com FXE-Launcher Request Form FAQ - Jeff Frohwein's dev resource.
FireFly - GeePee32 Emulator, Heretic Port
Teoarsa - misc stuff, Linux port
darkfader - many useful things here.
http://pitel-lnx.uvis.fnt.hvu.nl/~frank/ (archive.org) Pacman - gp32 BIOS Replacement "PacROM"
http://www.liftoff.dk/gp32dev/ (archive.org) Steve - gp32 FAQ
http://www.tomforsyth.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/GP32_root.html (archive.org) Tom Forsyth - DOOM port
Flavour - Wolfenstein3D port
http://www.robertanderberg.uk.eu.org/gp32/ (archive.org) BobbyD - 1daydemo
http://emuholic.emulous.com/~rinen/ (archive.org) Nokturn - Gp32 Bomber
http://www.gp32dev.com (archive.org) Costis http://www.gp32dev.com/fxemaker.shtmlonline FXE creator
Don Miguel - some demos, U-Book (Textreader)
omsk - GPTetris, Phoenix Emulator
ajo - Sega Mastersystem Emulator
Edorul use the fish - GP32Converter
JyCet use the fish - ARM-SDK Setup Guide use the fish - JC_Demo1
beebee - Columns, lone32, SCUMMVM Port
Trapflag - gxb loader, Arcanoid, BIOS Dumper
Clemty - Font Converter
http://damienent.8m.com/Downloads/wsc.htmlDamien Entertainment - Wonderswan Emulator


http://gp32.valken.pe.kr/Valken use the fish - some pictures (whats inside the box?)
Ddagoori use the fish - some Hentai/Anime DIVX encoded for use with GpDIVX.
pcengine emu

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