last updated on 16/05/2006
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Yet Another PSP Documentation PSP Technical Documentation

PSP Firmware Syscalls list and comparison of NID to syscall mappings on different Firmwares
PSP Firmware Hardware Access Hardware Addresses extracted from the PRXes. might be useful for ppl interested in raw hardware access.

Memorystick Info some Memorystick Developer Info saved from memorystick.org when it was still free to register
UMD ECMA Specifications Universal Media Disc (UMD) Specs
R4400 Manual similar to the Allegrex CPU contained in the PSP
NEC VR5432 Manual contains Info on the Debug Registers which are appearently also present in the Allegrex Core
Samsung Memory Product Codes Memory Storage Product Selection Guide
WM8750 Datasheet a similar audio codec is used in the PSP
Libertas 88W8000G/88W8510 Overview similar to the WLAN component in the PSP
Sony CXR704060 Datasheet english japanese related ?
K9F5608U0B Datasheet 32M x 8 Bit NAND Flash Memory, similar to the Flash in the MCP used in the PSP
K4X56163PE-L(F)G Datasheet 16M x16 Mobile DDR SDRAM, similar to the DDR-SDRAM in the MCP used in the PSP
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