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Incase you have a decent personal collection of scene releases, don't hesitate to check our wantlist.


Date Release Name Cracker Supplier Comments
??/??/?? Travelcost-Calculation [csdb] Hisbollah
??/??/?? International Ice Hockey [csdb] Impotence
??/??/?? Tera Attack +3 [csdb] Elektor Incest/Acrise
??/??/?? Needle in the Haystack [csdb] Hisbolla
??/??/?? The Krackout Error Virus +2 [csdb] Bauknecht
??/??/?? Spots [csdb] Hisbolla
??/??/?? Frenzy +2 (search) [csdb] Zocky
??/??/?? John Lowe's Ultimate Darts (search) [csdb] Reich-Man
??/??/?? Crossbow Shooter (search) [csdb] Hisbolla Fix: ?
??/??/?? Elon Preview (search) [csdb] Hisbolla
??/??/?? Bully Preview (search) [csdb] Hisbolla
??/??/?? TrazzPreview (search) [csdb] Hisbolla Comba/TWG
??/??/92 RollItYet (search) [csdb] Gulping Faker
??/??/92 Xenon Ranger (search) [csdb] Mighty Penis
??/??/?? Rock Run (search) [csdb]
??/??/?? Ballerup+ (search) [csdb] Elko
??/??/92 Multris (search) [csdb] Mighty Penis
??/??/?? Expedition Titanic-e-+2 (search) [csdb]
??/??/?? legend of kyril Preview (search) [csdb]
??/??/?? Mr Setam (search) [csdb]
??/??/?? Flow Cubes FIX (search) [csdb] Goethe Hisbollah Fix: Goethe
??/??/92 High Voltage (search) [csdb] Elko
??/??/94 Hebel Preview (search) [csdb] Hisbollah Saddam
??/??/96 Acinna (search) [csdb] Hisbollah Didi/Laxity
??/??/96 Wabbit Hunter Preview (search) [csdb] Hisbollah
??/??/96 Aknakereso (search) [csdb] Gulping Lapoon
??/??/96 Mah Jongg [csdb] Hisbollah
??/??/96 Coined Preview [csdb] Hisbollah
??/??/97 Brainstorm Preview [csdb] Hisbolla
??/??/97 Nonsense [csdb] Hisbollah
??/02/97 Picman Preview ( search) [csdb] Hisbollah
??/??/97 LabeMe (search) [csdb] S.L.D.
??/01/97 Ballboaster Prv (search) [csdb] Hisbollah
??/01/97 Scarpa Preview (search) [csdb] Hisbollah
??/??/?? Strike Team 2 [csdb] Hisbolla
??/??/97 Schiffe versenken [csdb] Hisbolla
??/??/97 Words Don't Come Easy Preview [csdb] Hisbolla
??/??/98 Bergbert der Raecher [csdb] Hisbolla
5/12/2014 Race [csdb] Goethe
6/12/2014 Toyz [csdb] Goethe
6/12/2014 Falling [csdb] Goethe
6/12/2014 Falling FIX [csdb] Goethe Fix: Goethe
7/12/2014 Penultimate Fantasy FIX [csdb] Goethe Fix: Goethe
31/12/2014 Tutti Frutti 64 [csdb] Goethe
21/1/2015 Xain+ [csdb] Haelmut

Cracks with ALDI

Date Release Name Cracker Supplier Comments
??/??/98 Tiger Mission 2 (search) [csdb] Hisbollah
??/04/99 Gem Mania (search) [csdb] Hisbollah, Der Stramme Jung
??/04/99 Quaptos (search) [csdb] James Frost, Der Harte Junge firstrelease

Cracks with Forunkel64

Date Release Name Cracker Supplier Comments
16/3/2015 Sextrainer [csdb] Bobby Newmark
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