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if you spot a dead link or know an interesting site which is missing, please let us know :)

Wiidev Community Wiki
Wiidev Community Forum
Ingenieria Inversa - Understanding WII/Gamecube Optical Disks
wiire.org - lots of pictures from disassembled WII, WIImote etc
http://revdev.honkeykong.orgRevDev (archive.org) - HonkeyKongs WII development page
http://www.auby.no/files/wii/DesktopMan (archive.org) - DesktopMans WII files
http://tmb.elitedvb.net/dvd-game/index.php/Main_Pagetmb.elitedvb.net (archive.org) - Gamecube Drive Documentation WIKI
noowii - Another useless Wii "hacking" site
LiquidIce's Nintendo Wii Hacks
Segher - public WII tools
http://websvn.marcansoft.com/listing.php?repname=wiidevMarcan (archive.org) - public WII tools
Wii Project SVN
HackMii - Bushings Blog
http://ebe42a225e8593e448d9c5457381aaf7.com ebe42a225e8593e448d9c5457381aaf7.com
WII Hacked it!
Linux on the Wii - Maartens contributions to WII Linux
Eurasia WIKI - Links to misc Info

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