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Dreamcast Development related Links

This is a collection of websites of which we think they could be interesting for you amateur programmers out there. If you think your site should be listed here as well or know of any other site that we might have forgotten, drop me a mail

Hard- and Software Vendors

makers of... hum, what do you think...?!
creators of the SH4, the heart of the DC.
VideoLogic PowerVR
the ones responsible for 3d-graphic accelerating hardware inside the dc.
http://www.cric.co.jp/ (archive.org) CRI
They have created the MPEG/Sofdec and CRI/ADX sound compression used in many DC games.
quote: "The big difference between using QSound on the Dreamcast vs the Saturn, for developers (1st and 3rd party) is that Sega isn’t charging a sublicense fee this time around. The use of QSound on the Dreamcast is absolutely free to developers - it’s there for you to use."

Third Party Products

creators of the first known unauthorized DC product "Action Replay CDX".
get some accessories here.
http://www.liksang.com/ Lik-Sang
your favourite HK importer. killed by SONY. HATE!
maybe THE killer-app for your Dreamcast. Play your favourite psx games in a quality that let ps2 owners cry for help.

Dreamcast Development

Marcus Comstedt
loaded with information. VMS programming and DC hardware info, simple PC to DC serial link cable, Tools, example sourcecode.
DAN's DCdev Info
free core library 'libdream', small alternative 'libc', gdb stub.
Maiwe's DC-Dev
patches for GCC/Binutils, some Power-VR docs.
Double Dutch Designs LTD
high-speed serial-link solution here.
http://www.barcode-search.com/kamka.htmKamka's DC Programming Page (archive.org)
serial Cable PCB and uploader in VB6 here.
http://www.bigfoot.com/~bITmASTERBitmaster (archive.org)
some nice lowlevel hardware info here.
http://www.axtelius.com/herozero/HeroZero (archive.org)
free core library, pictures of another dude's homemade Dreamcast modifications.
some tools and documents here.
http://members.tripod.co.uk/tom_waters/dreamcast/Tom Waters (archive.org)
Win98 basic uploader for Marcus' serial slave.
http://www3.sympatico.ca/fulg/Fulg's Dreamcast Page (archive.org)
Info on how to burn the serial slave boot-cd under windoze. Cygwin compiled CDRECORD binaries.
http://www.dreamcast-hq.net/files/DC-PPP.htmlLinux PPP Server & Sega Dreamcast
Document on how to connect a DC to a linux host.
http://jules.rules.it/Jules Dreamcast Development Site (archive.org)
some tools and documents here.
http://douglas.min.net/~drw/dreamcast/DRWIII (archive.org)
...stupidly disassembles his dreamcast.
http://www.dcdev.f2s.com/Dreamcast Anarchists
not much here yet - site seems to be dead ;/
http://www.dchacking2000.es.org/Dreamcast Hacking 2000 (archive.org)
Spanish DC-Hacking site
http://dreamcast.kernelpanik.orgDreamcast at KernalPanik.org (archive.org)
another spanish DC-site
Dreamcast Fileformats
Project aimed at porting Linux to the Dreamcast
Newbie Site, all kinds of Info
Great Portal Site, all kinds of Info
Dreamcast Emulator for Windows
some very good tech info, BBA and LAN adapter clone

VMU Development

nice VMU related Site
VMS info
John Maushammer
VMS info and tools

GCC related

The GCC documentation on the GNU site.
http://billgatliff.com/drupal/ cross-gcc FAQ
Info about using GCC as a crosscompiler
Delorie Software
GCC for DOS.
CygWin32 FTP FAQ
GCC for Win32.
http://www.inkvine.fluff.org/~chris/arm-tools.html (archive.org) Building the GCC Toolchain for ARM targets.
some really useful info here.
SH and ARM tools precompiled binaries.
binaries precompiled for use with cygwin-b19. these are unconfirmed to work for the dc.
kkojima kkojima
There is a linux port to SH4 being worked on here.
Linux SH3 port FAQ with instructions on setting up binutils and GCC to do SH development work. You have to apply a couple patches for the 'sh' target but it's stable.
a list of Linux-on-SH4 (And SH3) resources
There is a NetBSD port to the SH3 and SH4 processors, However, aparrantly it only runs on the evaluation boards right now.
Patches to GNU gcc (egcs) and binutils for the sh3/sh4
Linux booting on SH4 evaluation boards (some with the same SH4 as the dc uses).
Company offering SH4 GCC related support, and a free Download of a precompiled Toolchain.

Weird Stuff

Claims to have a gd-rom backup device
obviously fake Dreamcast emulator. (What you see on the pictures is just a DC connected to a WinTV card probably.)
http://go.to/romripper/Romripper http://www.romripper.bizland.com/Romripper (archive.org)
fake GD-Rom copier related to the Nightmare emulator.
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