last updated on 27/03/2006
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DCDEV mailing list

To create a forum for amateur programmers to meet and discuss related matters, we have set up a semi-public mailing list at egroups.com.

List Rules:

First of all before you post any questions, please make sure you have informed yourself using the Mini-FAQ and all the other external resources.

  • NO request on copyrighted software or other material. Such request will be simply directed to the responsibly authorities and also result in a simple but effective BAN.
  • For a similar reason, SPEAK ENGLISH. None of the moderators will bother translating anything to figure out its no warez request.
  • NO mail attachments
  • ONLY registered members can post AND read.
  • as long as this pirate crap is at its peak the list will be moderated, so don't even bother posting bull.

To SUBSCRIBE send a blank mail to dcdev-subscribe@egroups.com

To POST message send a blank mail to dcdev@egroups.com

To UNSUBSCRIBE (incase you are bored already) send a blank mail to dcdev-unsubscribe@egroups.com

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