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if you spot a dead link or know an interesting site which is missing, please let us know :)

DevkitPRO - recent GCC builds, libOGC
DevkitPRO WIKI - libOGC Documentation
Apollo64 - Technical Docs
Duke/Napalm - Get gcinfo.txt here
gcdev.com - Costis' gc dev site
Mr. Spiv - MAC Maniac :)
Torlus - hosted the first GCC Toolchain
GCLIB - First, but now outdated Gamecube library
http://www.cubehacker.com/cubehacker.com (archive.org) - gc hacking news site
Loser (archive.org)
http://www.thepernproject.com/Gamecube/The Pern Project
Gamecube Linux Project
http://tmb.elitedvb.net/dvd-game/index.php/Main_Pagetmb.elitedvb.net (archive.org) - Gamecube Drive Documentation WIKI
Fuzziqer Software - GCControlSim and Homebrew PSO Server
http://duddie.2mydns.com/blog/Duddies Blog
Ingenieria Inversa - Understanding WII/Gamecube Optical Disks
in_cube - a winamp plugin intended to play streamed audio formats found in Nintendo Gamecube games, bunch of other audio ripping related tools on this site.
Audacious Cube - in_cube ported to audacious (*nix) Plone - Nintendo Gamecube PAL to NTSC save conversion
mmmonkey - NTSC Game Cube Region Select Switch
FreePascal WIKI - WIP Gamecube Port of FreePascal
Eurasia WIKI - Gamecube related WIKI
Amnoid - some TEV Documentation here
ROM Dumper - how to dump the gamecube IPL ROM

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