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release Date Type Name Comment
??/12/1996 SID Cucumber Juice 2 Intro
28/08/1998 MOD Drugtro Remix original remix made by Gryzor from 2 4-channel modules by PTK. used in the PSX Demo "Drugtro"
??/10/1998 SID Sulfo64 heavily inspired by a Adlib tune called "Sulfo" by Metal/Vibrants
29/04/2000 XM My other Dimension remixed from "the u-neek dimension" by Alexel/Distortion, (c) 1995 Gloumi Prods. used in the PSX Demo "Minimum"
??/12/2000 SID Wir sind die Roboter
13/06/2006 MP3 Lightforce remix of the popular SID Tune
08/04/2007 SID Nothing lasts forever cover of the track "Nichts ist fuer die Ewigkeit" by the german rockband "Boehse Onkelz"
02/05/2013 SID Shit in 8Bit [csdb] Remake of the Cybernoid tune by Jeroen Tel.
18/08/2013 SID Aurora Remix [csdb] C64 Remake of the famous Amiga tune "Hymn to Aurora".
28/12/2013 SID Wer ist Paula? [csdb] C64 Remake of the title track of the Amiga game "Amegas".
16/02/2015 SID I don't know what i am doing :( [csdb]
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