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release Date Type Name Comment
??/12/1997 XM You are still in my Head
??/12/1997 XM Back to the End
28/10/2012 SID Artphosis - The End
28/10/2012 SID Artphosis - Note
27/01/2013 SID Desire [csdb]
29/01/2013 SID Fortune [csdb]
31/01/2013 SID Glory of the Muse [csdb]
29/12/2013 SID Aase's Death [csdb]
23/01/2014 SID Experiment 1 [csdb]
28/01/2014 SID The Inner Child [csdb]
29/01/2014 SID Funeral Thoughts [csdb]
30/01/2014 SID Delight with Doubts [csdb]
02/04/2014 SID Cipralex [csdb]
31/08/2014 SID Hitmen-Loader [csdb]
05/09/2014 SID Retro-Loader [csdb]

Some SID Remixes arranged by Peacemaker, be sure to check those!

release Date Type Name originally by
15/12/2000 MP3 Miami Vice Loader Martin Galway/Chris Abbott
18/12/2000 MP3 Last Ninja 2 (Basement loader) Matt Gray
30/10/2002 MP3 Wizardry (Meets Bach) Mike Alsop
09/11/2002 MP3 Ocean Loader 2 Martin Galway
03/05/2003 MP3 Thanatos (Chemical in Your Brain Remix) Rob Hubbard
27/02/2004 MP3 Quadrant Subtune6 (My Endless Silkroad) Thomas Detert
10/04/2006 MP3 Lightforce (Komische Mischung) Rob Hubbard
??/??/2009 MP3 Scumball (dirty, rough and brutal) Tim Follin
??/??/2009 MP3 The Suicide Commando of a Green Beret Martin Galway
??/??/20?? MP3 Dragons Lair part 2 (testify now)
??/??/20?? MP3 Fawn of Creation
??/??/20?? MP3 Inspired (Ein trauriger Fall)
??/??/20?? MP3 Last Ninja (One Step to doubt)
??/??/20?? MP3 Rottekongen (Clouds and Wings)
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