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CC65 is a C-Compiler targetted on various 6502 variants. Groepaz has contributed some stuff to it such as:
  • the NES Library support
  • the Plasma and Fire Sample programs
  • the original Mandelbrot Sample program
  • (23.12.2002) the PTV and DXS/HIT 4-Player Adapter Joystick Drivers
additionally here are some more related programs:
Date Name What is it?
10.10.2004 lcc65 attempt to port Jolze/Onslaughts compiler to output CA65 compatible code. unfinished and non working. let me know if you make something useful out of it :)
09.09.2004 opt65.c Peephole-Optimzier V0.12 by Daniel Dallmann (aka Poldi), with some small fixes
11.10.2003 cbmcvt enhanced version, converts plain text from/to petscii
25.10.2003 testsuite v3 a collection of small programs (derived from various sources) ment to test the compiler for errors, includes a script to run the test and create a report in html
09.09.2004 minicast v0.0.1 (prg)
26.02.2003 65tris v0.0.2
26.02.2003 dirtest.c attempt to implement posix compatible directory access for commodore computers
28.08.2002 rs232silversurfer.h
a quick hack of a serial driver for use with the CC65 c-compiler. WARNING: this *really* is a hack, not even implementing half of what it should!

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