last updated on 27/03/2006
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As you might have noticed, we like using and supporting the free GNU compiler suite called GCC. To help to get you started here are some documents.

sh4gcc - guide for building a windows- hosted sh4-crosscompiler, uses gcc 2.95.2 (the process for building an arm- elf targeted compiler is essentially the same)
dwcyglin - guide for building a windows- or linux- hosted arm-crosscompiler, uses gcc 3.0.4 (originally for gba)
mixing asm and c - examples on using (inline-) assembler in gcc.
about GNU Tools' Commandline-switches
gcc hooks
gcc variables
newlib test
buildmingw.sh bash script to build a mingw32 toolchain on *nix, so you can crosscompile win32 binaries

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