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Contiki is an open source, highly portable, networked, multi-tasking operating system for memory-constrained systems.

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Contiki 1.x

The main purpose of this webpage is to preserve historic ports of contiki, which were unfortunatly removed from the official site in favour of the current 2.x tree. Fortunatly an older version of the original Contiki website which contains Info on Contiki 1.x can still be browsed at archive.org and also the 1.x tree is still available on the GitHub and can be maintained there.

The last published non platform specific source releases were these:

contiki 1.0
contiki 1.1-rc0
contiki 1.2-devel0
contiki 1.2-devel1

contiki 1.x SVN snapshot

for the most recent source please checkout the CVS.

Contiki 1.2-devel0 Reference Manual

Are you working/did you work on porting Contiki to a platform not listed here? Or do you have additional information on a port? Please send over the information, preferably along with a screenshot (and maybe binaries and sources), and it will be included on this page!

Commodore C64

This is the original Contiki which started it all.
Compiler: CC65
Status: runs on any standard unmodified and unexpanded Commodore 64

1.0 d64
1.1-rc0 d64
1.2-devel0 d64 src
1.2-devel1 d64 src

Commodore C128

Port by: Adam Dunkels
Compiler: CC65
Status: runs in 80 column mode, but it is far from perfect as can be seen from the screenshot. There is TCP/IP over RS-232/SLIP support.
Apple ][

Port by: Oliver Schmidt (web)
Compiler: CC65
Status: comes in two flavours, 40 column display for Apple ][+ compatible 64k machines and 80 column display for enhanced Apple //e compatible 128k machines (with mouse support and more free memory for Contiki apps). Both support two 10MBit Ethernet interfaces available for the Apple2.

1.3 (AppleII+ 40cols) dsk 1 dsk 2 shk
1.3 (Apple2e 80cols) dsk 1 dsk 2 shk
1.2 (AppleII+ 40cols) dsk 1 dsk 2 shk
1.2 (Apple2e 80cols) dsk 1 dsk2 shk
1.3 Sourcecode
Atari 8 Bit

Port by: Christian Groessler (ftp)
Compiler: CC65
Status: A first version with TCP/IP/SLIP support and the web browser working is available

Contiki 1.0
README - read this for more information
diff - changes to contiki 1.0 for Atari
src - contiki 1.0 with Atari changes applied
atr - mypdos + contiki bootable disk image
dcm - same as a dcm image
com - contiki executable, loads at B0

diff - changes for contiki (load 850 R: handler)
src - mypdos 3.0 with contiki changes applied

Atmel AVR 8-bit microcontoller

Port by: Adam Dunkels
Compiler: GCC (AVR)
Status: Supports the Ethernut hardware and uses the CTK VNC server instead of a regular screen.

1.2-devel0 src
Nintendo Gameboy Advanced

Port by: Groepaz
Compiler: GCC (ARM7)
Status: runs the text-based CTK conio engine.
Nintendo Gameboy

Port by: Groepaz
Compiler: SDCC (gbz80)
Status: runs the text-based CTK conio engine.
Gamepark GP32

Port by: Groepaz
Compiler: GCC (ARM9)
Status: runs the text-based CTK conio engine.
Atari Jaguar

Port by: Matthias Domin
Compiler: ?
Status: currently has TCP/IP working, and GIF support in the web browser under development!
x86 (msdos), Atari Portfolio, Atari ST

Port by: Michael Bernstein (web)
Compiler: ?
Status: ?

1.0 src
uIP src

TI MSP430 / FU Berlin sensor board

Port by: CST group at FU Berlin
Compiler: ?
Status: The sensor board is equipped with a TI MSP430 micrcontroller with 2048 bytes of RAM and 60 kilobytes of flash ROM, as well as a number of sensors. The sensors can measure vibration, temperature, IR-light, sound, tilt and motion. The Contiki MSP430 features the entire Contiki system, including CTK GUI, TCP/IP stack, web server, VNC server and a virtual desktop which only is 120x56 pixels large due to the severly limited RAM!

Nintendo Entertainment System

Port by: Groepaz
Compiler: CC65
Status: works but without networking support because there is no networking hardware for the NES available

Port by: Takahide Matsusuka (web)
Compiler: SDCC (z80)
Status: (29.03.2003)

Port by: Groepaz
Compiler: CC65
Status: ?
Casio PocketViewer

Port by: Fabio Fumi (web)
Compiler: ?
Status: ?
Tandy CoCo

Port by: James Dessart (web)
Compiler: GCC (6809) (web web)
Status: not working :(

Port by: Anders Carlsson
Compiler: ?
Status: ?

1.0 tap src

Amstrad CPC

Port by: Kevin Thacker
Compiler: SDCC
Status: "runs slowly, does not look nice, and could probably be improved. But still worth a look"

1.2 DSK src

X Windows

Port by: King Sumos (web)
Compiler: GCC
Status: ?

(14.07.2004) source
Commodore PET

Port by: Adam Dunkels
Compiler: CC65
Status: no networking support because of lack of networking hardware.
Commodore Plus4

Port by: Adam Dunkels
Compiler: CC65
Status: no networking support since no networking hardware exists.
Commodore VIC20

Port by: Anders Carlsson
Compiler: CC65
Status: the base system works, but there is no networking support yet.

(January 2006) partly adopted Contiki 1.2-devel1 d64

Windows Console (win32)

Port by: Oliver Schmidt
Compiler: Visual C++
Status: runs the text-based CTK conio engine and uses WinPcap for networking support.

1.x SVN exe

Contiki 2.x

Date Name What is it?
17.08.2006 contiki 2.x snapshot first (not very sucessful) attempt of porting contiki 2.x to the C-64
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