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psx faq Groepaz Playstation FAQ for noobs
3467.pdf IDC R3000A Manual
PSX Documentation Project Joshua Walker Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know about the Playstation - But Were Afraid to Ask.
SYSTEM.txt Doomed/Padua R3000 instructions, cop0, some system calls, pc-fileserver, root counters, DMA. (Last update Nov/03/1999)
GPU.txt Doomed/Padua GPU explanations and operations. Basicly all you need to know about it. (Last update Nov/03/1999)
SPU.txt Doomed/Padua Some basic info on the SPU.(Last update Nov/03/1999)
GTE.txt Doomed/Padua New version of his GTE doc. Completely revamped, this should contain most of what you should know. (Last update Mar/09/2000)
CDINFO.txt Doomed/Padua A small little file about low-level CD controlling. Don't expect too much, but it might get you started in your own explorations. (Last update Feb/06/2000)
psx-reg.pdf bITmASTER another psx register documentation (last update: 09.07.99)
GS32Comms.htm Russ K. Action Replay/GameShark Pro v3.2 Communications Protocol Explaination (Last update Jun/19/2007)
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