last updated on 18/11/2008
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Turbo boosters, 30x speed CD-Rom modifications, Memory extensions and that like are to be found here, kinda. Use those Hardware Projects at your own risk. If any of them happen to result in ultra realistic smoke effects, electro-trips or plain dead you fucked things up, and probably never laid an eye on a soldering iron before in your whole life. We tested all projects in here, and they seemed to work for us.

Project Author Version Description
PSX Serial-cable Skywalker 2 A 100% serial cable that works with Siocons. No need for Comms-link to code or view PSX demos.
PSX Magic Card Skywalker 1 replaces the BIOS with SRAM
1084 to PSX Farinez 1.0 Circuit that enables you to connect the PSX to a 1084/1085 Amiga RGB Monitor
2 ROMs in AR Farinez 1.0 Schematic for using two flashroms in a Action Replay/Gameshark
AR Shematic Cuthbert 1 Action Replay/Gameshark Circuit Diagram
Digital IN bITmASTER 0.1 Schematic for adding Digital/Optical Audio Input
Digital OUT bITmASTER 1.0 Schematic for adding Digital/Optical Audio Output
PIO Pinout bITmASTER Pinout/Schematic of the parallel port which is present in older PSXs
Freewing Freewing Pinout/Schematic of the parallel port freewing interface to use gameshark/action replay
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