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Wicked Utils and Roms are to be found here. For the releases in these sections, start including some File_id.diz and Readme's with your releases, that would make our humble existence so much easier. If you think you found some bug in someone's release then mail the Coder about it so he can fix the shit. All releases are tested by our highly "educated" monkeys so if some release doesn't work, don't blame us ;)


Releasedate Release Coder What the fuck is it
16-03-2000 PsxSound 1.0 SM0N Convert your PSX VAG/VAB/VB+VH/RAW soundfiles to .WAV with this cool tool!
10-09-1999 Asm-Mod Silpheed Updated: A Modplayer from Silpheed for all you Asm coders out there!
25-07-1999 spAsm 0.34 Silpheed The latest version of Hitmens amazing cool Psx Assembler! Grab it, try it, love it!
30-12-1998 Serial 1.3 Jihad Use this tool to execute plain Exe's on your Psx using Skywalkers Serial-cable!
03-12-1998 ByteKiller Exe Silpheed So ByteKiller is too complex for you? Then use use this, very easy to use Exe Crunsher!
05-10-1998 Psx Movie Finder 1.0 SM0N A little tool to easily grab your favorite Playstation Movies!
05-10-1998 Psx Xa Copier 1.0 SM0N Extract those catchy tunes from your Playstation games with this tool!
09-09-1998 GfxConv 0.1 Silpheed A little tool to convert images to a format suitable for uploading to the Psx's VRAM.
06-09-1998 ByteKiller Silpheed We bring you the Psx version of this kick ass Amiga cruncher! Check it out!
06-09-1998 HitMod 1.5 Silpheed Together with some bug fixes you can now sync your demos to your mods!
19-04-1998 HitLice 1.0 Jihad License tool, insert License information into your ISOs and write to cd using EZ CD!
02-01-1998 Eco2Exe 0.5 Silpheed Convert your Yaroze Executables to normal PSX Executables.
24-09-2013 Serial1.3 (source) Jihad Source for the Serial1.3 tool, released because of public demand


Action Replay

We got it on Release Coder What the fuck is it
myAR (DOS, Source) Foo Chen Hon The Mother of all Homebrew AR/GS Rom Replacements
19-06-2007 GS32Comms (Source) Russ K. Action Replay/GameShark Pro v3.2 Communications Protocol Example Code
Ezoray 1.91 (DOS) Snake&McBain THE rom replacement for your AR/Gameshark
19-05-1998 Ez-O-Ray Reflash n/a Trashed your ActionReplay? This ISO will help you to fix it. CD-R Win ISO.
19-05-1998 Ez-O-Ray Reflash n/a Trashed your ActionReplay? This ISO will help you to fix it. Easy CD ISO.
Caetla 0.35 K-Comm another brillian AR Rom replacement
Caetla 0.37 K-Comm
english Caetla Tools (win32) K-Comm Utilities for use with Caetla, translated to english
Catlap (win32) Intar Technologies This little psexe replacement rocks, all you NT people will love this one for sure!
18/11/2008 Catlap (source) Intar Technologies
PIOcons (*nix, source) various PSAR Control-Program for Linux and BSD
psx snoop htc snoop memory with ezoray
25-05-1998 Run Rom 0.1 Barog Save Exe's on your ActionReplay, so you can show them to your mates.


We got it on Release Coder What the fuck is it
MIPS GCC (win32) precompiled MIPS GCC Toolchain for Windows
ObjDIS SurfSmurf yet another disassembler. (includes source)
13-08-1998 A-Disasm 0.2 Antiloop Here's yet another disassembler for the Playstation, check it out.
17-04-1998 Psx Disassembler 0.2 Segmond A nice Psx Dissambler, currently only support Exe files.
09-11-1998 Munch 1.0 Fusionman A R3000 disassembler and Hex-editor in one, with some really nice extras.


We got it on Release Coder What the fuck is it
iso2raw (source) ? converts 2048bytes/sector images to 2352bytes/sector images


We got it on Release Coder What the fuck is it
24-03-1999 Psx Audio Tools 0.1 Mumbly A very complete set of Psx Audio tools. A must have if you are into Playstation Audio!
29-01-1999 Xa2Wave Unknown This one converts the XA files you grabbed with our XaCopy to Wav!


We got it on Release Coder What the fuck is it
22-04-1999 Dextract 0.8 MAD Another DexDrive savegame converter with nice features. Pick the tool you like best!
02-06-1998 G.A.M.E. Builder Groundhog A massive multi-layer tile editor designed for use on a variety of game genres.
01-06-1998 Background Tools PowerSurge A cool set of tools for making scrolling backgrounds on the fly.
28-05-1998 Mipsice Debugger 0.2c Fennec A nice R3000a Debugger with potential, interesting for all of you.
28-05-1998 Craction Replay 0.6 Fusionman A clever Windows based Hex editor, Playstation hacking made easy.
14-05-1998 Mode Changer 1.3 Nik Pal/Ntsc mode changing made easy, now with support for Psyq 4.2.
09-05-1998 Speak JackRipper Make your Playstation Talk, great to play around with!
20-01-1998 Dex-2-AR 0.9 James Brown Probably the first DexDrive savegame converters around! A very nice tool.
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