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Links, emergency exits

Cool-links, Dead-links, Lame-links are what this place is about, doh. This is where you can find some links to our monkey friends and competition. If some link is dead don't blame us, they probably knew Hitmen owned this scene ;)

if you spot a dead link or know an interesting site which is missing, please let us know :)

Known as What are they on about
http://members.xoom.com/_bITmASTER_/ (archive.org) Bitmaster's Development Some nice sources and resources done by Bitmaster, worth a look.
Doomed/Padua A whole lot of low level info, documents and stuff. ASM is the thing here!
http://psxdev.dragut.net/ (archive.org) Chipmunk Basic Make cool little Playstation apps with this Chipmunk BASIC, just rocks!
http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/5952Developer's Connection Nice resources available here.
High-Society Ranging from Playstation till N64 development, have a look.
http://www.codeworks.demon.co.uk (archive.org) Mobius Codeworks Better keep an eye out on those guys, before you know it they are back and kicking ass!
Napalm Active group of cool guys, and they got a great Playstation Library, check it out.
Not Yaroze A massive amount of information can be found over here, definitely worth a look!
SN Systems Home of SN Systems, official stuff.
http://www.mmm.it/trg (archive.org) The Roncler Gang Get their wicked Spectrum emluator here! More stuff available soon, we hope.
nobis-crew Mirror of Daniel Balsters PSXDEV.
Blade's Libraries Blade's PSX Programming Libraries
#psxdev FAQ Development FAQ by Barog and Antiloop
James' PSX Programming Page Home of SPU lib
PSX Reborn Candus Console Dev - some demos and games with source
or9 russian site with lots of good info and downloads. however, its..well, russian :)
psxsdk PSXSDK an open source software development kit for the Sony PlayStation (PS1) based on freely available resources and resources written from scratch.
PlayStation 1 Development Network home of PSIO.
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