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You need a ActionReplay and Comms-Link or the Playstation Serial-cable (Hardware section) to be able to run them on your Playstation. Also check that you have a suitable Rom Upgrade (Ez-o-Ray or Caetla) running in your ActionReplay. You can grab some Rom stuff from the Rom section or get them from some other site. All Stuff has been tested so if it wont work for you, you probably fucked things up and didn't care to read the freaking Readme's.


Releasedate Release Coder Mode What the heck?
31-01-1998 Mother (pouet) Curlin/Jihad Pal/Ntsc Mother of all Playstation releases, the first ever Playstation intro!
31-01-1998 Remembers Amiga (pouet) Brainwalker Pal/Ntsc Also a first timer, with some first day Amiga scene feeling.
01-02-1998 Silpheed's Contribution Silpheed Pal/Ntsc A small one, but with some kick ass effects in it.
13-02-1998 Zambo's 1st Zambo Pal His first Playstation release, with some gear wheels and a scroller.
22-02-1998 Full Effect (pouet) Curlin/Jihad Pal/Ntsc A rotating texturemapped Cube, with a tune playing in the back.
06-04-1998 AnimeDemo (pouet) Skywalker Pal Nice little intro, that just took three days to make.
14-04-1998 Zambo's 2nd Zambo Pal/Ntsc A really nice Hitmen logo and some smooth layering.
29-04-1998 Numbero Uno (pouet) L.A. Style Pal/Ntsc His first ever Playstation Intro, kicking some N64 butt.
06-05-1998 TranceTro (pouet) (youtube) Alfa Pal Probably the best Playstation release till date, with some cool tunnel effects.
17-05-1998 Hitmen Collection 1 Misc Pal/Ntsc
17-05-1998 Hitmen Collection 1 Misc Pal/Ntsc Collection of all Hitmen releases until 06-05-1998. Easy CD ISO.
22-05-1998 A Peacey Intro (pouet) Peacey Pal His first Playstation release, with some groovy looking Sinus Bobs.
01-06-1998 HitWorld (pouet) Zambo Pal/Ntsc A small release but got some nice effects in it, check it out.
28-08-1998 DrugTro DIVX (pouet) (youtube) Groepaz Pal/Ntsc Groepaz first Playstation release, Music and effects for the brain!!!
14-09-1998 GreenTro (pouet) (youtube) Silpheed Pal/Ntsc Another cool release by Silpheed! Get the source in the Psx Source Section!
18-09-1998 SadTro (pouet) BrainWalker Pal/Ntsc How sad can it get? His 'final?' release means a great loss to all of us.
24-07-1999 Pactro (pouet) Pacman Pal Pacman's introduction intro to Hitmen and first Psx release, rocks!
05-04-1999 The Roots EXE DIVX (pouet) Groepaz/Silpheed Pal/Ntsc
05-04-1999 The Roots ISO Groepaz/Silpheed Pal/Ntsc The hottest Hitmen release till date! Second at Mekka Symposium '99!
29-04-2000 Minimum EXE DIVX (pouet) (youtube) Groepaz Pal
29-04-2000 Minimum ISO Groepaz Pal 12hour Party hack. Place 4 at ms2000


Releasedate Release Coder Mode What the heck?
05-10-1998 Mahjongg PSX SkyWalker Pal/Ntsc You remember that good old Japanese Tile game? You don't? Check this out!
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