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06/1991 Amnesia 3 2nd 2nd place on Spherical Designs Party (C64 Demo Competition)

02/1996 Untitled 2nd 2nd place on Acrise+Excess Party (C64 Graphics Competition)
04/1996 Cucumber Juice 2nd 2nd place on X'96 (C64 Demo Competition)
04/1996 Leguan 3rd 3rd place on X'96 (C64 Graphics Competition)
11/1996 Peacey 4th Place at 2 Blocks Compo held by GHD/Impulse
12/1996 Cucumber Juice 2 6th place on The Party 6 (C64 Demo Competition)

01/1997 Mystical Paradise 1st The Mystical Paradise, our EHQ board run by Peacemaker, was voted as the best Board of the Year (Propaganda Award 1996)
03/1997 Elven Magic 2nd 2nd place 4k intro Mekka/Symposium '97 (C64 4K Intro Competition)
11/1997 Scene Domination! 1st Hitmen takes the C64-Scene by storm: #1 cracking group, our main crackers Jack Alien and Moonchild #1 and #2 single crackers and our main trader Racoon #1 swapper in propaganda #25's charts

01/1998 Mother first Mother of all Playstation releases, the first ever Playstation intro!
04/1998 ReAnim8ed 2nd 2nd Place at Mekka/Symposium'98 (C64 Demo Competition)
04/1998 Welcome to Telekom 4th Place at Mekka/Symposium'98 (C64 Graphics Competition)
09/1998 Sulfo 64 6th Place at X'98 (C64 Music Competition)

04/1999 Mmm, TP Sucks 8th Place at Mekka Symposium '99 (C64 4K Intro Competition)
04/1999 Conflict 12th Place at Mekka Symposium '99 (C64 Graphics Intro Competition)
04/1999 The Roots 2nd 2nd Place at Mekka Symposium '99 (Console Demo Competition)
04/1999 8Bit Nit Wit 20th Place at Mekka Symposium '99 (Wild Demo Competition)
12/1999 Ode to BV 4th Place at The Party '99 (C64 Graphics Competition)

04/2000 Komm, spiel mit mir 13th Place at ms2000 (C64 Graphics Competition)
04/2000 Minimum 4th Place at ms2000 (PSX Demo Competition)
04/2000 Bitte 8 Bit 1st 1st Place at Mekka Symposium 2000 (Wildcompo)
04/2000 A.G.E. first 8th Place at Mekka Symposium 2000 (Wildcompo), First Ever Dreamcast Demo
12/2000 Alischa's Xmas 4th Place at The Party 2000 (Graphics Competition)
12/2000 Roboter 4K 4th Place at The Party 2000 (C64 Demo Competition)

04/2001 Sensory Overload 4th Place Mekka & Symposium 2001 (C64 Graphics Competition)
11/2001 Mongobong 8th Place at X'2001 (C64 Demo Competition)

04/2002 Armitage Shanks 12th Place at Mekka Symposium 2002 (C64 Graphics Competition)
04/2002 Test:23 first1st 1st Place at Mekka Symposium 2002 (Console-Compo)
09/2002 Giger Again 3rd 3rd Place at Willow Party 2002 (C64 Mixed Competition)

04/2004 Kinderkram first 5th at Breakpoint 04 (Console Demo Competition), First Gamecube Release in a Demo Competition

04/2007 Nothing lasts forever 10th at Breakpoint 07 (Oldschool Executable Music Competition)

08/2011 Happy Lucky Tip (Part II) 39th at Rambo Revisited GFX Compo

05/2012 Substral Hyperwaves I 7th at Birdie 22 (C64 Music Competition)
10/2012 Artphosis 2nd 2nd Place at X2012 (C64 Demo Competition)
10/2012 Sydhavs Romper 6th Place at TRSAC 2012 (Photo competition)
11/2012 Pixelpuncher 1st 1st Place at Kindergarden 2012 (Photo competition)

01/2013 Glory of the Muse 26th Place at the Crack Intro Music Competition 2013
01/2013 Fortune 30th Place at the Crack Intro Music Competition 2013
01/2013 Desire 35th Place at the Crack Intro Music Competition 2013
02/2013 Mercyful Colors 19th Place at the 3-Color-Logo Competition 2013
04/2013 Crowd Pleaser 3rd 3rd Place at Revision 2013 (Oldschool Demo Competition)
04/2013 Substral Hyperwaves IV 11th Place at Revision 2013 (Oldschool Executable Music Competition)
05/2013 It's all your fault 7th Place at Demo of the Year 2013
08/2013 Aurora Remix 2nd 2nd Place at Bunker Party 2013 (Mixed Competition)
12/2013 Wer ist Paula? 2nd 2nd Place at the Ultimate Meeting 2013 (Executable Music Competition)

09/2014 Game Over 15th Place in the Gameover Tune Compo
09/2014 Retro-Loader 16th Place in the Tape Loader Tune Compo 2014
09/2014 Hitmen-Loader 21st Place in the Tape Loader Tune Compo 2014

02/2015 I don't know what i am doing :( 4th Place in the Je suis #Linus music compo
08/2015 Evokefeile 3rd 3rd Place at Evoke 2015 (Alternative Platform Competition)

07/2016 Substral Hyperwaves V 16th Place at Gubbdata 2016 (Music Competition)
08/2016 EvokSCII 6th Place at Evoke 2016 (Oldschool Demo Competition)
10/2016 Monumentum 7th Place at X2016 (Demo Competition)

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