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On this page we are trying to collect the various interviews our members have given on various occasions.

A lot of the Interviews given in various Discmags are not listed here, simply because we forgot about them. If you remember the one or other and can name the Mag it was in, please let us know.

Groepaz on Hookas page (local)
Jailbird on Onslaught HQ (local)
Hi-Lite on Onslaught HQ (local)
November 23rd, 1989 Curlin (Marcus/Alphaflight) in Vinews 3 C64 Mags WIKI (local)
April 1990 Jihad in Sex&Crime 14 C64 Mags WIKI (local)
September 1990 Curlin in Hotshot 4 C64 Mags WIKI (local)
December 1990 Jihad in Peece 1
1991 Jihad Coupe 1
March 8th 1991 Jihad Gamers Guide 5 C64 Mags WIKI (local)
May 1991 Scorp Hotshot 11 C64 Mags WIKI (local)
September 1991 Jihad (Harry Hirsch/Bad Taste) Propaganda 2 C64 Mags WIKI (local)
March 11th, 1992 Rough in Brutal Recall 9 C64 Mags WIKI (local)
May 10th, 1992 Cevin Splash 10 C64 Mags WIKI (local)
April 1993 Hibisch Splash 15 C64 Mags WIKI (local)
October 1993 Peacemaker Splash 16 C64 Mags WIKI (local)
October 1995 Curlin Propaganda 19 C64 Mags WIKI (local)
October 1998 Groepaz in X-Dome 8
April 2001 MagicMan in Domination #15 on Onslaught HQ (local)
20th June 2003 Groepaz on PDRoms (local)
April 5th, 2004 Trazan on C64.com (local)
March 20th, 2006 Probe on C64.com (local)
October 3rd, 2010 Peacemaker Recollection 3 on Onslaught HQ (local)
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