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JP: "PC Computing Japan" June issue, 1999
- features party report from mekka symposium 99, and probably a nice photo of Groepaz and Cupid (didn't see that issue yet =/)

DE: "World of Playstation" issue 6/1999 ( leech - 185kb )
- features party report from mekka symposium 99 and screenshots of the releases.

DE: "World of Playstation" issue 7/1999 ( leech - 572kb )
- some general psx scene info, screenshots of some releases and websites

DE: "Offizielles Playstation Magazin" issue 8/1999 ( leech - 1.687kb )
- 3 pages general psx scene info, screenshots of some releases and websites

UK: "Total Controle Magazine" issue 11/1999 ( leech - 1.811kb )
- 4 pages about PSX stuff, several screenshots and an interview.

Dreamcast KULT, Issue 5/2000

Dreamcast KULT 5/2000

"On the Mekka Symposium Scene Party, which took place in Fallingbostel at the easter-weekend, the world first homemade Dreamcast-Demo was shown. Skywalker of the group Hitmen took the 8th place in the wild-competition with his demo. But what one should not forget are months of developing work to be able to program on the Dreamcast Hardware without an official development kit. For Curiosity a Gambeboy Color Demo won the first place. :) (note: done by Groepaz/Hitmen, available here.) By the way, we are sorry for the bad picture quality :( "

www.slashdot.com 19.06.2000

SlashDot 19.06.2000

DE: "Origami Digital - Demos without Restrictions" Exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt, 10. Dezember 2002 - 20. Februar 2003 ( website local copy )

For the first time in history the demo scene, another exciting facet of digital culture, was to be displayed in a museum.

Demoscene Report 2006 ( local copy )

'Podcast' produced by rEm0 - JeanYvo - EyeSee (Released on tum 2009)

RETURN 23/2015 ( website local copy )

contains info on releases from Evoke 2015, and a small review of "Evokefeile".

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