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you have stumbled into our news archive and unless you aren't bored enough yet or are a nerd who likes reading through old archived bollok crap you better leave ;)


10/08/2015 A small and quick update after quite some time to show that we're still around: Not only did we make 3rd place in the Alternative Platform Competition at Evoke 2015 with Evokefeile (aka Eierfeile III), that very production also marks the return of Seven into the group.
Check it out in the C64 Section


06/11/2012 Back from a great X2012 we are proud to present our contribution to the demo competition, check it out in the C64 Section!

As usual added and fixed some links, added more lost Cracks and Demos to the C64 Section, updated the Music Section and last not least added some Pixel art and Party Pictures to the gallery ...

Many thanks must go again to Mason, Acidchild and the rest of the transfer team for their help with locating lost files. The wantlist is shrinking thanks to YOU!


02/05/2011 Yay! I finally found the time to update Cupids CMS to work with a recent PHP version :) Besides that, added and fixed some links, added some Disk Covers and Party Pictures to the gallery ...

No, we are not dead yet - if in doubt, we prefer partying over updating web pages :)


27/08/2009 another casual update, more old C-64 stuff found and added. Thanks everyone who helped finding lost releases!
12/03/2009 It's Party Time on Easter again - meet us at Breakpoint.


26/08/2008 some more c64 releases found, wantlist updated, etc. yadda yadda.
22/02/2008 Hooray, many thanks go to bITmASTER who sent us a copy of his old (and now offline) psx and dc development website, so the interisting stuff is now online here. Hopefully more will follow.

Other than that i fixed some links to Documents, made local copies for those which aren't online at other places anymore. updated contiki page. several IDA related things updated, added some more precompiled mn102 IDA modules, added precompiled DOL loader, added updated Allegrex module, added Gekko Extension. some more c64 releases found. and as always, updated the wantlist and added some more Pictures to the Gallery.


30/08/2007 again updated the wantlist. some more Pictures added to the Gallery.
30/07/2007 little update to the wantlist. reworked the interviews page a bit. added a documents page to the c64 section and updated the articles page. and finally i made proper pages in the Toolbox for everything which was formerly hidden on the musoftware ftp, and last not least even added the SAM stuff from Sebastian and me. HAVE FUN!
05/06/2007 added some more c64 Intros. another c64 Demo has been found, and also a bunch of c64 Cracks. added some more Pictures to the Gallery. last not least added GPZs Music Entry for the Oldschool Music Compo at Breakpoint.
02/04/2007 some more C64 Stuff found. added some stuff to the Dreamcast section. See ya at Breakpoint !
24/01/2007 WII have a new Console, and while adding the respective Pages i also added some Gamecube related stuff that i had laying around which could come in handy for WII aswell. moved 2005 news into the Archive. added some pics from TUM to the Gallery. once again added some more stuff to the PSX Section. last not least due to recent happenings on IRC i made a little page related to german Copyright Law.


24/12/2006 HoHo! What would fit more for a christmas update than adding some more stuff that was on our wantlist ? This makes the C64 Releases a bit more complete, again!. Also the PSP Documentation was updated a little, and last not least there are some new Pictures in the Gallery. Have fun, merry christmas, and a happy new year! See ya at TUM !
08/10/2006 Hooray! Lynx, Member in the glorious Times, sent me a couple of wanted Releases. Cheers Mate! The Search continues ...
22/09/2006 Another Shitmen crack found. Also thanks to Crossbow/Crest another 100% working disc (Jurrasic Pack 2) was found, and CBA found another C64 Release. All C64 Stuff was crosslinked with CSDB and last not least i cleaned out and added some comments to the wantlist.
20/08/2006 updated the Gallery with some pics from UC7 and Evoke. Added some C64 Intros, found some more Shitmen cracks aswell as some Hitmen C64 Cracks. And like always i did a tiny update to the PSP Documentation.
20/07/2006 due to the recent unexpected activity on the psxdev mailinglist i added some more stuff to the PSX Section. Loser sent me some updates to the IDA Plugins i made. Last not least i did some small updates to the PSP Documentation.
13/06/2006 added a SID remix that was laying around on my HD for years, and another one from Peacemaker that i somehow forgot to add when it was released.
17/05/2006 Some Pictures from Breakpoint06 in the gallery. More C64 releases found by Trazan. and last not least the PSP Documentation was updated again
03/04/2006 updated the PSP Documentation, grab it in the PSP Section.
25/03/2006 Moved the C64 Crackintros to a separate Page. Updated 4-player page (Tanks 3000 was released). Fixed a bunch of broken links, added link to archive.org if possible. Some Documents added in the PSP Section.
16/03/2006 updated the PSP Documentation, grab it in the PSP Section.
13/03/2006 Transition to stricter html doctype, fixed some stuff for IE. Added binaries for MN103 Module (provided by Slack3er). Added another C64 crack found by Jazzcat.
07/03/2006 updated MN103- and Allegrex Modules, updated C64 4-player page. also fixed some release dates in the Gamecube Section.
07/02/2006 added some C-64 Releases found by Celtic.
04/02/2006 Allegrex CPU Extension Plugin for IDA released, grab it in the PSP Section!
29/01/2006 Allegrex Plugin for IDA released, grab it in the PSP Section!
28/01/2006 Updated the mn103 plugin again, get it in the XBox360 Section!
23/01/2006 yay, one update per day isn't enough! xor37h released jadepack! Get it in the XBox360 Section!.
23/01/2006 xor37h released his JADE-Unpacker, also the mn103 module was updated again (grab it in the XBox360 Section as usual). updated the wantlist and added some info about donations. Added IDA and Links Section in the Toolbox.
20/01/2006 mn103 plugin updated again, grab it in the XBox360 Section.
19/01/2006 updated mn103 plugin, grab it in the XBox360 Section. Also added Raddings Mag to C64 Section.
16/01/2006 Its still quite in a rough State, but i still released a first Version of our PSP Documentation. grab it in the PSP Section...
14/01/2006 added some Pictures from TUM, added XBox360 Section, updated Shitmen Section (thanks to CBA for finding another Release), updated GC Section (added mn102 Datasheet), updated RR page, updated C64 Release Section, updated PSX Release Section (added some Video Captures).


04/12/2005 added a bunch of Party Pictures
29/11/2005 updated version of PSPInside released. Grab it in the PSP Section.
27/11/2005 Jazzcat found Vinews issue 14 and i added the remaining few things from my Backups. Now the real race for lost stuff is open...
25/11/2005 added some more Stuff i found on my old Backups, have fun!
23/11/2005 xor37h ported Tyranids PRXTool to win32, grab it in the PSP Section.
21/11/2005 found 7 more C64 releases, thanks to Mason. Also since it wasn't mentioned yet, thanks to Acidchild and Se7en for helping with the C64 stuff!
20/11/2005 fixed a few broken links and added some more info to the C64 Section...
18/11/2005 Se7en contributed a nice design, and i fixed the whole bunch for W3C compliance. Even IE now manages to render the whole bunch correctly. Further the whole C64 Section was heavily updated, and some other sections got some more content too... have fun!
29/10/2005 Added some of Groepaz' "music", updated 4-Player adapter Page, added our wantlist - if you have a decent collection of scene stuff please have a look, maybe you can provide some of the missing stuff.
27/10/2005 Added Shitmen Section, added a bunch of C-64 Releases, started adding C-64 Cracks and Intros, added Vinews Section
07/10/2005 Added Music Section and put Peacemakers SID Remixes online, check them out!
25/09/2005 Simple Hello-World for PSP with Firmware 2.0 released. Also added a few more PSP related Datasheets.
31/08/2005 yay, after schimmeling around on my HD for 3 years i finally managed to put the new website online. great hu?

To celebrate the new Site, we have put a few previously unreleased things into the Gamecube Section, and some more candy into various other sections.

Most notably Skywalker and Xor37h released their PSP Hacking tool, to be found in the PSP Section.



  • Ayeah... we finally managed to locate a working version of LOVETOOLS (thanks to Crossbow!) - grab this in the Releases-Section ...


march 2000

  • woha! we are proud to celebrate our 10 years anniversary and for this reason we may be even more boozed up and lazy than last years - so nevermind. =)
  • nevertheless we finally found someone donating webspace (thanx alot man!) so this site is up and running again.... still somewhat under construction but you know, the best is yet to come....


  • Quickly threw together this piece of html junk to support the growing gbc scene a little.... ;=P Nothing fancy or exceptionally outstanding here yet, but like always the best is yet to come...


It wasn't really meant to happen, but it seems we released a dirty hacked demo called "MinimuM" - Place 4 at ms2000. Grab it in the Demo Section!


PSXSOUND V1.0, a tool to convert your PSX sound files of any format (VAG/VAB/VB+VH/RAW) to .WAV was added to the UTILS section.!



Incase you were still wondering what the fuck this is all about, here is some info about the upcoming psx demo competition at Mekka Symposium 2000 - The place to be to show your production to the rest of the world.


Fixed the little bug in the serial-cable schematics. We are sorry for any inconveniences.


www.hitmen-console.org is working again... pray for those server HDs to work longer this time =)


YES... Peacemaker is back in bizz


Site up again and a bit updated as well. Don't forget to keep our temporarily URL in mind which will serve you until the domain server is back up again: http://hitmenconsole.cjb.net Mekka releases are now to be found in the ordinary files section. Also download pages now list releases in chronological order so you don't have to waste any more time by searching for them. some broken links/downloads were fixed, please let us know if there is still something wrong - also if you have sent us something to put up here that seems to have been forgotten or if you find some outdated version of your program that should be replaced by an update.


Finally, Sony has revealed their Playstation 2! http://www.gaming-age.com covers all the latest news about the machine. Go check it out, NOW!


James released released the first version of his PSX SPU lib for mipsgcc. Have a look at it, its in the Psx Source Area.

august 1999

it has been some time now since the last update and quite some changes happened in the group
  • we decided to leave the cracking business behind, and due to that the cooperation with Excess was stopped as well
  • Racoon left us and stays in Excess
  • some other members went to inactive/invisible status
  • the Hitnav64 (archive.org) is now being generated by an extraterrestrial AI program so updating will be much easier in the future (*G*)


Silpheed released a new Modplayer called Asm-Mod. Asm-Mod is for all your Asm coders out there, it actually is an improved version of Hitmod and you can easily include in your own demos, have a look at it. You can find Asm-Mod in our Utils Section!


Like if Asm-Mod wasn't enough, Silpheed also released a new version of Hitmens own Playstation assembler, Spasm. You can find Spasm 0.34 in the Utils Section!


Hi people, we want to welcome a new member to Hitmen who is going by the name Pacman. You can grab his very cool introduction intro called Pactro from our Demo Section!


How could i forget to add this one yesterday, grab this damn smooth intro from Napalm called Lightastic, also released at Deja Vu 2, better get your hands on this one people, Demo Section.


Ah i was happy to see another release, everything is so quiet at the moment. Now3D and SGF released released a little demo for Deja Vu 2 called Phantom, hell, ahhh and they used one of my favorite tunes!!! Grab the release from the Demo Section.


Crazy Cellist released a tiny intro called 'PlayStation Op. 1' some old school music and scrollers, grab it from the Demo Section.


You remember that Invaders games source, from the Yaroze section? It wasn't really the cleanest bunch of files in the collection. Dennis Payne took the time to clean things up and tweak it a bit. You can find it in the Yaroze Source Section.


Hi people, as you probably noticed, the files are currently located at a free diskspace provider. We had todo this because traffic costs started to get out of hand. We are currently looking for other solutions, stay tuned.


Sphinx of Alien Coding released the groups first Psx intro called Bad Funk Stripe. Its a highly C64 influenced little intro. You can find it in the Demo Section, have fun.


Da Swieep released a small intro called Rogue, its his first Psx release and quite basic as most first timers. Get it from the Demo Section as alway.


Trsi released their first Playstation intro, Trsi-1st, has been added to the Demo Section, check it out and have fun. The source of this little intro can be found in the Psx Source Section.!


We've released version 0.33 of our Psx Assembler, Spasm. It has a couple of bug fixes and new features that you will like. You can find it in our Utils Section.!


We are looking for Composers and 3D Artists that are interested in joining Hitmen. If you are a 3D Artist who can deal with 'low-poly-count' objects for realtime routines, or a musician who can make some interesting original tunes, then contact us!


The huge Organakkumulator ISO, winner on the Mekka Symposium '99 Playstation compo, can now be downloaded from our site, so check it out if you want to, it has some freaky sound track with it.


Audio ripping is getting quite popular, no wonder with all those great sound tracks! So, you might want to check out Mumbly's 'Psx Audio Tools 0.1'. Sorry for the delay Mumbly! Get it in the Utils Section.


We got another DexDrive savegame converter called 'Dextract' and this time its made by MAD, this tool has some nice features. So if you want to see cheat a bit in some games check out the Utils Section.


You can now download the Mekka-Symposium '99 Playstation releases from our site! We hope that these releases motivate you to start coding something cool as well! A big salute goes out to all MS '99 competitors!


We are proud to present our latest release called The Roots to you! After some hard work we released it at this years Mekka-Symposium. Lets hope you have as much fun watching this demo as we had creating it! Let us know what you think of it, comments are always welcome. Grab this one from the Demo section.


I bet you missed us! Due to a harddisk crash and some other problems we were down for a bit, but we are back! Things can still be a bit messy but that will be fixed during this week. And, thanks for all your mails!


James Brown released a new version of Dex2Ar it now supports multi-blocks and multiple saves, grab it from the Utils Section.


Finally you can find Xa2Wav in our Utils section. This tool converts the files you grabbed with XaCopy to Wav. And, if you want to know how it actually works, then check out the Source-PC section for its source!


James Brown has released Dex-2-Ar. This tool enables you to use those DexDrive savegames on your Action Replay! Lots of people have been waiting for this one for sure! So grab it now from the Utils Section!


Important! www.hitmen-console.org will soon be the new url to the Hitmen-Psx site. Please update your bookmarks in time or write down the new url before you forget it. Sorry for the inconvenience people!


The really cool tool, Catlap, can be found in the Rom Section. Yes, we know, its still freaking empty there!


BufferMan's really cool demo BuffTro can be found on the Demo Section, grab it, its really worth it!


After some quiet months Napalm showed up with some new stuff, grab their latest intro, Flaptro, from the Demo section.


You can now find the sources to Napalms Flaptro and Bitz-n-Pieceez releases in the Psx-Source Section.


Hitmen for hire! Yep, that's right, we are looking for new people, mainly Artists and Musicians. So, you think you are upto some cool projects? Then use the Email from the members page to send some links where we can grab some of your work!

january 1999

a new year and we are heading for the next millennium... the site was finally a bit updated and we are looking forward to MS99.
  • Moonchild left us due to lack of motivation and time. He will hopefully be back some time after studies...
  • Starkiller is recovering from a major accident... we all wish you the best dude!


oktober 1998

to avoid all the misunderstandings we decided not to list our sleeping members anywhere anymore... so if they are no more listed, in some cases it doesn't mean that they left but that they are busy with real life!
  • Rammy left us.

september 1998

  • the cracking Section went into COOP with Excess for a trial-period

august 1998

  • Chaotic left us.
  • The planned Demo for X98 was cancelled due to time-problems. It'll be released some time later, be prepared ;=)

july 1998

  • HiLite left us to team up with our friends in PADUA.

june 1998

  • Starkiller joined us, he will soon bring back his BBS 'Cold Fusion'
  • Plans for another Demo to be released at X98 have been made, it will be 100% 0lDsK0ol and for sure NOT optimized for Big-Screen!

may 1998

  • JB joined to serve us with graphics
  • Morphfrog joined as a trader

april 1998

  • our Demo Reanim8ed placed 2nd at ms98 competition
  • Burn and Se7en left Hitmen to concentrate on upcoming Digital Excess Productions
  • Raze left Hitmen

march 1998

  • The Mystical Paradise, our EHQ board run by Peacemaker, was taken down by a HD crash and won't be online anymore. Thanks to everybody who supported this board in such a great way and made it one of the best boards around (Propaganda Award 1996)

february 1998

  • Jack Alien left us due to losing interest in cracking the so-called "new" games and will concentrate on his work for Remember in the future


december 1997

  • originally planned for release at TP7 our next demo ALICE is rescheduled for either ms98 or x98, same applies to Tales Of Esgaroth 4

november 1997

  • Hitmen take the scene by storm: #1 cracking group, our main crackers Jack Alien and Moonchild #1 and #2 single crackers and our main trader Racoon #1 swapper in propaganda #25's charts

october 1997

  • hitting the scene with two nice warez rushes made possible by Deff

september 1997

  • Sledge left Fairlight to join up with the Hitmen posse

august 1997

  • MagicMan of Crazy fame joins our ranks as coder.
  • Weasel joined Hitmen as cracker. Once in a while you will see some nice crack from him.

july 1997

  • Deff (ex-Avantgarde) joins up with the Hitmen

june 1997

  • pages moved once again, this time to our (hopefully) final server goerres.de

may 1997

  • the Tales of Esgaroth collection is online
  • Balance and Zore get kicked because of inactivity

april 1997

  • Erol joins us from the ranks of Tempest
  • Home of the Hitmen and HitNav64 merge to one homepage at geocities, our old server will host the Hideout with some new stuff soon.

march 1997

  • Burn's 4k intro Elven Magic makes 2nd place on Mekka/Symposium, beaten only by one vote
  • Peacemaker stops all fixing activities concentrating on coding
    and organising only now
  • K.Rostoen of Shape joins Hitmen as musician

january 1997

  • we quit Gangsta's Paradise, leaving it as Chromance only, cause we don't see any sense in supporting an FTP site that is slower than most of the C64 boards around
  • the well-known ex-Avantgarde members Cupid and Jack Alien join Hitmen
  • Burn and Seven start work on a new Digital Excess (archive.org) project.


december 1996

  • Curlin stops almost all C64 activity to concentrate on PC and PSX and lays down organization of Hitmen.
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