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Oh yes, like any other sane person we accept donations of free stuff! Meet us, please us! it is that simple.


These People have donated something to us in the Past. Listing them here is our way of saying "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!".
C02 free Webspace
Taco Domain Registration
Se7en/Digital Excess Website Design
Jens Schoenfeld/Individual Computers Retro Replay, RR-Net, Viper-GC Chip
anonymous 4 PSPs
anonymous 4 QOOB-Pro Chips
anonymous XBox360
CBA/SCS&TRC help with finding C-64 Releases
Se7en/Digital Excess help with adding C-64 Releases to CSDB
Acidchild/Padua help with finding C-64 Releases
Crossbow/Crest help with finding C-64 Releases and fixing broken Disks
Jazzcat/Onslaught help with finding C-64 Releases
Mason/Daniax help with finding C-64 Releases
Celtic help with finding C-64 Releases
Santa/TRSI neverending supply of good old belgian beer! cheers!
Metalvotze Beer, Meat, BBQ. Yummie!


This is some Stuff one or several of our members would like to own. If you for some strange reason like us or our work (or if you are simply insane and don't know what you are doing) don't hesitate to pass it along...

Beer, XBox360, Weed, PS2, Porno, GP2x, Currywurst, PC Engine, Kebab, Vectrex, Weed, NES, Pommes rot/weiss, Megadrive, Beer, Lynx, Weed, Virtualboy, Nintendo DS, Schnitzel, Wii, PS3 ...

last not least, if you want to get rid of some old 8-bit gear, please consider contacting www.dienstagstreff.de. Incase you have a decent personal collection of scene releases, don't hesitate to check our wantlist.

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