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on this Page we try to give you an idea of what we did in the past and how the group developed over time. please notice that this is in no way complete or strictly accurate, memory fades and things are forgotten - if you are a former member who is able to make this info some more complete, please let us know.


Back in 1989 Jihad and Curlin (at that time called Accu) have been members of Action... While Curlin left Action and joined Vision after he got into troubles with Spitfire/Action for some reason, Jihad still continued doing finest Quality cracks for Action. After a short time also Jihad was unhappy in Action, because of Spitfire's behaviour, so he wanted to teach him a lesson. Hitmen was born, with Jihad still being the main cracker in Action so we also got the newest originals available in Germany. Jihad was acting under the handle of The Barrel for Hitmen, Curlin was spreading the Hitmen wares as a freelancer these days, after a short while people were questioning who Hitmen was... Also Spitfire was getting mad as Hitmen was nearly as fast as Action and even did better versions. After a short time Jihad and Curlin joined Hitmen under their real handle. At that time also Twist was working for us. We became more successful and bigger. Now we are trying to give you a list of people who have been in Hitmen in the glorious times and what they are doing nowadays.

Alfatech CSDB He was in Censor and programming for Funcom, haven't heard of for a while
Scorp CSDB He joined Flash Inc. in the end
Francois Prijt web CSDB I guess he is still doing musics
Probe web CSDB To be found on IRC
Ice CSDB Never heard of again
Curse CSDB Never heard of again
Nightshade CSDB Is a member of TRC*SCS
Ghost CSDB Never heard of again
TWF CSDB Stopped computing
Def Squad CSDB Followed TWF
Thunder CSDB He is doing GFX on other systems
Elektor CSDB Stopped computing
Cevin CSDB Stopped computing
Cruise CSDB Stopped computing
Death CSDB Still doing GFX on other systems
Rough CSDB Is a member of Chromance
Tom CSDB Lost interest
Airwolf CSDB Is interested in making a comeback
Misfit CSDB Currently in WOW
Stanze CSDB Dropped computing due to lack of interest
Mason CSDB Our only paymember, CitiBank administrator ;)
Gilius CSDB Stopped computing due to lack of time
Necromancer http://home.earthlink.net/~hrb39/electrozine.htmweb (archive.org) CSDB
Hibisch web CSDB lost contact

...and probably some more dudes we don't really remember at the moment..sorry..


Memberstatus 1/92 from a note by Racoon: Hypnotist (Coder, Cracker), Racoon (Leader, Vinews Editor, Swapper), Curlin (Leader, Vinews Editor, Cracker), Jihad (Modem Trader, Cracker), Elektor (Cracker, Swapper), Death (Painter, Swapper), Thunder (Painter), Levis (Swapper), Boz (Painter, Swapper)

Memberstatus 9/92 stated in the Intro to "Dodge": Racoon, Death, Curlin, Hypnotist, Lynx, Demon, Magic eye, Drago, the Gee, Silver, Sony, Dylan, Flatline, Master jay, Hibisch, Elektor


Hitmen dissolved in the spring of 1993. After Jihad got his PC and lost interest in programming C64 stuff a bit earlier, the group was continued by Curlin and Racoon, until they also lost interest in that sort of things. Many guys tried to take over our fame and glory by stealing our name, and even some former members popped up, saying they would rebuild the original Hitmen posse. Naturally they failed.


The original Hitmen staff, namely Curlin, Jihad and Peacemaker, finally decided to rebuild the group and kick ass again while visiting a local pub some time in december 1995. We grabbed the scene by its balls again and climbed to top positions in the cracking and bbs-business, and last not least managed to wake up some of the sleeping demo forces of the good old days.


Back in the middle of 1996 Hitmen made their first steps on a console named Playstation. At that time no one believed that anybody would be able to upload and execute homemade stuff to the Playstation using only an Action Replay with a Comms-Link, they didn't even dare to dream that this machine would have its own scene.

Then two freaks wanted to prove them all wrong. Jihad and Curlin started to hack around on the machine and pretty soon found a way to execute programs which have been uploaded to the Playstation using the ActionReplay Executable from Datel and later on with a reverse engineered homemade Rom.

After a while they got in contact with Ez-O-Ray and Blackbag. Ez-O-Ray released their genius Rom version which made things lots easier. And when Blackbag started to publish the important information about the Playstation internals, things started to roll.

Finally it was there, Eco2Exe, created by Silpheed. This started to inspire people to grab the Yaroze compiler (which was available at the net at that time) and start coding. Now they where given the possibility to run their programs on a normal Playstation through the ActionReplay with Comms-Link. This is where it all started, the Playstation Scene was born.


C-64 Homepage moved to goerres.de (archive.org)


However, the first half of 1999 finally tought us that the cracking buissnes in C-64 world is dead and so all activities in that section were stopped. Naturally this caused a lot of changes for the group and just the hardcore demo people made it to the staff that will take the name of Hitmen to the next millennium.

and to be complete, let me list again what happened to the dudes that served you in the last years:

Alchemist CSDB prolly even more busy than in the past =)
Burn CSDB busy with reallife
Chaotic CSDB currently in PADUA
Jack Alien CSDB active in the Ranks of REMEMBER
Jinx CSDB busy with studies
Luke CSDB busy with studies
Magicman CSDB busy earning money with M$ bugs 8=)
Moonchild CSDB busy with studies
Racoon CSDB left for EXCESS, then quit the scene
Rammy CSDB to be found on IRC (Rammy_/#AmigaPL)
Sabotage CSDB busy with reallife
Seven CSDB to be found on IRC
Sledge web CSDB never heard of again
Starkiller CSDB to be found on IRC
Vortex CSDB busy with reallife
Zore CSDB never heard of again


The Group shifts more and more towards console hacking, and C64 activities are mostly suspended.

At Mekka Skywalker releases the first Dreamcast Demo ever, and Groepaz wins the Wildcompo with his Gameboy Demo.


The group is knee deep into console stuff now, with the active members left being Groepaz, Jihad, Skywalker and Xor37h. Due to Curlin and Peacemaker being inactive, Organizing and Leadership was handed over to Groepaz.


Groepaz won the first Place in the Console-compo at Mekka with his GP32 Demo.


Groepaz released the first Gamecube Demo in a Democompo at Revision Console-compo.


Lawnmowerman, Vortex, Peacemaker, SMON, Xor37h, Brainwalker, Jazzvibee, L.A.Style, Lolo, Zambo, Stan, Silpheed all moved to inactive status.


Peacemaker is back, and together with Groepaz brings back the C64 section. The group has taken another turn, and is focussed on C64 again.

Peacemaker and Groepaz win second place at the C64 Demo compo at X2012

Memberlist 10/2012: Curlin, Death, Groepaz, Jazzvibee, Jihad, Nerdine, Peacemaker, Skywalker, Xiny6581, Xor37h


Death stops all Scene activities.


Seven (re)joins the group, and releases a couple PETSCII collections.


At the end of 2016, Seven left the Group, Alfatech, SMON, Brainwalker, Lolo, Zambo, Silpheed, Alchemist, Pacman were removed from inactive status due to 10 or more years of inactivity and/or lost contact. Peacemaker joined Shape. Curlin and Erol are preparing themselves to catch up with C64 coding again :)

Memberlist at 11/2016: groepaz, curlin, jihad, nerdine, xiny6581, stfsux, topshelf (cupid, tyron, xor37h, la-style, skywalker, erol, jazzvibee, stan, trazan, yamato, weasel)


Curlin joined Excess.

At the end of February, all remaining active members left Hitmen behind and formed a new group - The Solution [web] [csdb]

Memberlist at 3/2017: erol, stan, trazan, weasel (all inactive)

more info on CSDB - Exotica Scenery WIKI - our not quite complete Timeline - or the Timeline at CSDB

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